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Bills Seek to Deter "Ambulance Chasers"

Posted: Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Legislation has been introduced to limit the contact lawyers and their associates can have with accident victims for the first 30 days following an accident.

For years, personal injury lawyers who solicit injured parties in the aftermath of an accident have been called “ambulance chasers.” Despite Hollywood’s portrayal, no one really believes these lawyers hang around in hospital waiting rooms or follow the flashing lights of ambulances. However, many accident victims have complained that, as soon as their official accident report is filed, they receive letters or calls from law firms offering professional services. In response to these concerns, the Michigan legislature is considering two bills, HB 4770 and HB 4771.

These bills would restrict access to official reports containing victim contact information for 30 days after an accident and prohibit “direct solicitation” by lawyers, as well as non-lawyers working on their behalf, for the same period.

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