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04.22.21 Virtual Learning Lab - Ransomware Attacks
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Updated 3/31/21: Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability
MMRMA recommends members contact their Information Technology staff or service provider to assist in applying any needed Microsoft Exchange updates.

April 2021 Risk Journal
Next in our cyber risk series explores the critical nature of regular hardware and software updates. We also summarize recent additions to our RAP/CAP grant funding for training and certifications in the areas of planning, facilities management, and IT. Plus: some highlights from our first ever Virtual Learning Lab, which took place on March 4.

February 2021 Risk Journal
Our series on cyber risk management continues with a look at the benefits and characteristics of cybersecurity assessments. We also preview MMRMA's Virtual Learning Lab, which offers members remote training and networking remotely the ongoing pandemic.

Data Breach Update: External Email Spoofing Tactics Evolve

Posted: Thursday, January 24, 2019

In today’s digital age, most people and businesses depend more and more on the internet, email, and other web- and cloud-based activities to conduct business. These tools are useful and important for organizations. Of course, they also come with potential pitfalls.

As quickly as information technology and security professionals develop protective measures against such vulnerabilities, the perpetrators develop new methods to thwart them for criminal purposes.  

For example, you may have heard that, when receiving emails, it’s important to look not only at the name of the person but also at the sender’s email address. Unfortunately, today’s phishers and hackers can “spoof” email addresses, making it look like such messages are coming from our real, trusted contacts.

Users of computers and email are encouraged to pay close attention to the email messages they receive. It is unwise to assume a message is legitimate simply because it appears to come from a trusted contact – even a person within one’s own organization, and even if the email address itself looks valid.

Email recipients are highly encouraged to contact the sender by phone or in person to verify a message’s validity if it is unexpected or if its content diverges from customary messages sent by the sender. This is especially critical if a message contains:

  • Links
  • Attachments
  • Requests for sensitive information and/or documents

MMRMA encourages members to talk to their information technology/security teams or vendors about email security, the spoofing of email addresses, and how your organization can best address this issue.

MMRMA’s Technology and Cyber Security Risk Control Advisory Committee is also working on resources for issues like these to further assist members in avoiding hacking, phishing, and other nefarious criminal activities.

We will continue to share additional information with the membership as it becomes available.


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