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04.22.21 Virtual Learning Lab - Ransomware Attacks
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Updated 3/31/21: Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability
MMRMA recommends members contact their Information Technology staff or service provider to assist in applying any needed Microsoft Exchange updates.

April 2021 Risk Journal
Next in our cyber risk series explores the critical nature of regular hardware and software updates. We also summarize recent additions to our RAP/CAP grant funding for training and certifications in the areas of planning, facilities management, and IT. Plus: some highlights from our first ever Virtual Learning Lab, which took place on March 4.

February 2021 Risk Journal
Our series on cyber risk management continues with a look at the benefits and characteristics of cybersecurity assessments. We also preview MMRMA's Virtual Learning Lab, which offers members remote training and networking remotely the ongoing pandemic.

Risk Control Resources to Help Members Prepare for Winter Weather

Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2021

This article was revised on January 18, 2021 to update FEMA resource links.

Winter is in full swing, and the snow has been flying. Please see below for materials to help members manage risks related to snow and freezing temperatures.

Snow Removal Planning

MMRMA's Facilities Management Risk Control Advisory Committee reviewed and recommends these snow load safety guidance resources from FEMA:

FEMA Snow Load Safety Guidance flyer
FEMA Snow Load Safety Guide

The committee also recommends this resource on winter storm and snow removal planning from Traveler's:

Preparing for Winter Storms and Snow Removal to Avoid Roof Collapse

Members are encouraged to implement a snow removal plan at their facilities, including when to remove snow and who will do the work. This will help protect member properties from a potential roof collapse. 

For questions or additional information, MMRMA members may contact Membership Services.

Winter Management of Pipes

It's not too soon to plan ahead. If you have ever experienced water pipes freezing and/or bursting during frigid Michigan winter weather, you know all too well the consequences of this leading cause of property damage.  MMRMA has two Risk Control Bulletins on preventing and mitigating the risks relating to pipes that could freeze, thaw, and burst in winter weather. The bulletins are intended to augment your existing risk management program for preventing and reducing risks associated with frozen pipes.

Member employees with an user account can log in and retrieve these documents on the Members Only page under Risk Management Tools in the Risk Control Bulletins subfolder. If members need assistance finding this folder, or would like to request a login, please contact Tamara Christie, Communications Manager, at

The December 2017 Risk Journal also features a companion article on avoiding and managing frozen pipes.

If you have questions or need further risk control assistance, please contact MMRMA’s Membership Services department.

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