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Age Discrimination On the Bench

Posted: Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A new rallying cry in Michigan seems to be “stop age discrimination against judges.” The State Bar has taken a position condemning such discrimination, and Michigan Senate Joint Resolution F also expresses concern over the matter. Just what is this new issue all about?

The Michigan Constitution, adopted in 1963, prohibits a judge aged 70 or older from running for election. As a result, last fall Marilyn Kelly, then-incumbent Democratic Michigan Supreme Court Justice (and Chief Justice of the Court), was not allowed to run for re-election. If she had been eligible to run, Democrats could have gained control of the Court.

In the 2012 election, two incumbent Republican men and four women (three Democrat, one Republican) were on the ballot. The two men were re-elected, but the highest vote-getter was newcomer Bridget McCormack, a Democrat. Current analysis suggests that, if Chief Justice Kelly had been eligible to run as an incumbent woman, she may have fared better than the incumbent men. In that case, Democrats would have won two seats instead of one and thereby taken control of the Court.

There are no mulligans in politics, but there is always “next time.” So there is now an attempt to amend the Constitution and delete the age restriction. To amend the Michigan constitution will require a referendum and a lot of voter support.

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