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August 2021 Risk Journal
Cyber risk series continues with a close look at the risks of ransomware, and a member writes about lightning strikes and how to protect against damage. Plus: Executive Director Mike Rhyner on the value new member participants bring to MMRMA.

June 2021 Risk Journal
We provide information on Bola Wraps, which offer law enforcement a new way to restrain individuals. The fourth article in our cybersecurity series provides guidance on protecting mobile devices. Also: Another update on the latest RAP/CAP grant offerings, including a new standard grant for Bola Wraps.

Risk Lesson: Hurricane Damage Can Affect Outlying Locations; Some Companies Pay Workers Not to Park Their Cars; Digitalization of Community Planning: The Implications
Posted 9/13/2021
Are Water Systems Our Least Protected Type of Vital Infrastructure?; Public Sector Retirement Surge Remains a Concern; Employers Struggle to Recruit, Retain Public Health Officials
Posted 8/30/2021
Pandemic Effect: Overdose and Suicide Rates Diverge; UN Study Finds Tall Buildings a Factor in Heat-Related Issues; Appeals Court Upholds City Ordinance Against Topless Beaches
Posted 8/17/2021
County Task Force Says Digital Divide Widening, Calls for Action; App Could Help Local Governments Assess Ransomware Vulnerability; Federal Judge Rules Against Deputies Who Raided Wrong House
Posted 8/2/2021
Considerations in Preparing Communities for Electric Vehicles; Drug Overdose Deaths Set New Record in US; Pandemic Effect: Some State, Local Governments May Shrink Office Footprint
Posted 7/19/2021
Denver Tests STAR Program In 911 Calls Involving Mental Illness; Data Suggests Police Salaries on the Rise Nationally; Research Reveals Strategies for Promoting Vaccinations in Communities
Posted 7/6/2021
Scientists: Great Lakes Rain Contains “Forever Chemicals”; Many Mayors Nationwide Depart Role, Often Citing COVID-19 Burnout; Some Cities Consider Civilian-Based Traffic Stops in Police Reform Move
Posted 6/22/2021
State, County Aging Agencies Using Robot Pets to Help Seniors; Local Governments Scramble to Compete for New Employees
Posted 6/7/2021
Cyber Criminals Increasingly Target Local Governments for Ransomware; Local Corrections Costs Skyrocketed Over Past 40 Years; Some Counties Innovating Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Cards
Posted 5/25/2021
Ransomware Attack Jeopardizes Fuel Supply for Much of East Coast; Cities Rethinking Minimum Parking Spot Ordinances; NYPD Experiment with Robotic Dog Comes to an End
Posted 5/10/2021
Inside Job: Ex-Worker Suspected in Kansas Water Tampering Case; Jumping Worms Pose Threat to Midwest Ecosystem; Understaffing Claimed as Factor in Death Of 911 Operator
Posted 4/26/2021
Indiana County Wins Tax Battle Over So-Called Dark Stores; Some HR Pros Say Remote Work Is Leading to Remote Conflicts; As Rural Incarcerations Rise, So Do Rural Jail Deaths
Posted 4/13/2021
Patient Info Possibly Among Data Stolen in University Ransomware Attack; Baltimore Wins Court Battle Over Billboard Taxes; NYPD, Other Police Departments Testing Out Robotic K-9 Units; Addressing Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerability
Posted 3/30/2021
Experts: Florida Water System Hack Shows Small Systems at Risk; Empty Office Buildings Putting the Squeeze on Municipal Finances; Civil Engineer Group Gives US Infrastructure a C Minus Grade
Posted 3/15/2021
Feds Emphasize Cybersecurity in Local FEMA Grants; Devastating Winter Storm in TX Highlights Importance of Emergency Preparedness; County Officials Report Getting Threats Due to Political Differences
Posted 3/1/2021
Hacker Alters Water Plant Chemical Mix; Operator Averts Disaster; No Shortage of Reminders to Prioritize Cybersecurity
Posted 2/15/2021
Hackers Attacked Ohio Sheriff’s Operations; Report Suggests Painted Stop Lines at Intersections Are Ineffective; Gallup Poll: Americans Prefer Lower Stress of Small-Town Life
Posted 2/1/2021
Report: Desired Government Services Vary by Age Group; Man Pleads Guilty After His Drone Hits Police Helicopter
Posted 1/19/2021
Significant Changes in Public Life Could Stick Around, Impacting Municipalities; Public Transit Faces Challenges Due to Pandemic
Posted 1/4/2021
CDC Offers Tips to Help Vaccine Administrators Expedite Process; Pandemic Fatigue May Be Ramping Up at an Inopportune Time
Posted 12/14/2020
Many US Communities Brace for Coming Eviction Wave; Nitrile Gloves Becoming Scarce Due to Pandemic; NYC Considers Incentive Program for Reporting Illegal Parking Violations
Posted 11/30/2020
Election Officials: No Cyberattacks, No Ransomware Demands; Firefighting Robot Has Impressive Showing in LA Blaze; Oregon Voters Decriminalize Drugs; Some Wonder If Other States Will Follow
Posted 11/16/2020
Routine Flu Shots Serve Counties as Rehearsal for Covid-19 Vaccine; Breaking the Homelessness/Jail Cycle Is Good For Public Entities, Communities
Posted 11/2/2020
Counties Expected to Have Key Role In COVID-19 Vaccination Program; Communities May Need to Prepare for Logistics of Drone Package Deliveries; How Small Towns Can Compete with Silicon Valley for Jobs
Posted 10/19/2020
Seattle’s Money Woes Worsen Over Protest Lawsuits, Pandemic Costs; Legal Battle Leaves Washington State County Without Commissioners; Rising Great Lakes Levels Pose New Risks to Shoreline Communities
Posted 10/6/2020
Impact of COVID-19 on County Budgets Measured in Billions of Dollars; Months of Turmoil Have Led to a National Police Crisis; Cities Encouraged to Plan for the Inevitable Future of Autonomous Vehicles
Posted 9/21/2020
Pandemic, Ongoing Uncertainty Could Foster Municipal Resilience; Some Advocate Hiring More Women as Part of Police Reform; Experts Fear Ransomware Attacks Could Disrupt November Election
Posted 9/8/2020
Local Zoning May Save Multi-Billion Dollar U.S. Restaurant Industry; San Diego Governments Help Gyms, Churches Host Outdoor Gatherings During Pandemic; City-Specific Data Reveals Varying Concerns of Mask Opponents
Posted 8/24/2020
Local Governments Managing Zoning Challenges as Restaurants Expand Outdoors; Recruiting, Retaining Police Proving Difficult in Some Communities; A National Look at Alternatives to Police for Non-Criminal Calls, Citizen Needs
Posted 8/10/2020
Counties Finding Pandemic Also Takes Toll on Mental Health; Some AL Sheriffs Using Medical Bonds to Limit COVID-19 Hospital Costs; Order in the (Video) Court: Judge Demands Non-Pandemic Attire
Posted 7/27/2020
Turnover of Inmates May Complicate Jails’ Effects on Spread of Virus; Virtual Kitchens May Change Business — and Zoning — In Communities; Officials Across Nation Grapple with Complexities of Police Reform
Posted 7/13/2020
Pandemic Will Mean Long-Term Effects on Governing; Maryland County Works To Keep EMS Units Clean Amid Pandemic Contamination; Remote Public Meetings Require Policy Considerations
Posted 6/29/2020
Hitting the Brakes: Some States Halt Reopenings as COVID-19 Spikes Again; National Association: Food Safety Inspections More Important Than Ever; Why Some Cities and Counties Are Banning Face Masks with Valves
Posted 6/15/2020
A Message from MMRMA; Local Governments Look to Safely Reopen Buildings; COVID-19 Sweeps through NYC Jails
Posted 6/3/2020
Pandemic Accelerates Telework Trend in State, Local Government; Coronavirus Concerns Lead to Controversy over Administering CPR; Some Find Thin Silver Lining in Coronavirus Shutdowns
Posted 5/18/2020
Former IN Mayor Suggests Dimmer Switch Approach to Restarting Activities; Communities Find Value in Designated COVID-19 Web Resources; Utah Counties Say They’ve Been Proactive During COVID-19 Pandemic
Posted 5/4/2020
MMRMA Members Not Alone as Municipal Budgets Take a Hit Nationwide; Coronavirus Pandemic Continues to Pose Unique Challenges for Jails; Options Abound for Online Video Meetings and Remote Collaboration
Posted 4/20/2020
Rural Counties Nationwide Face Shortages of ICU Beds; Telecommuting Arrangements Pose Cyber Risks
Posted 4/6/2020
Michigan Governor Issues Stay Home, Stay Safe Order; Cities, Counties Scramble to Find Beds for Coronavirus Patients;
Posted 3/23/2020
Coronavirus Leads to Caution, Response Plans; TX City Sues CDC over Alleged Inadequate Federal Quarantine
Posted 3/9/2020
District Court: Press Has Right to See Court Complaints on Day of Filing; Baby-At-Work Programs Seek to Improve Public Worker Retention; Highway Safety Groups Urge Crackdown on Intoxicated School Bus Drivers
Posted 2/24/2020
Move to Cashless Municipal Services Faces Opposition; District Court Judge: Pretrial Jail Inmates Need Time In Sunlight; Oklahoma County Sued Over Death in Custody
Posted 2/10/2020
Large Military-Grade Drone to Be Tested Over San Diego; University Researchers Say They Can Better Predict Homelessness; Report: Mayors Taking Action on Climate Issues
Posted 1/27/2020
Electric Scooter Injuries on the Rise Nationwide; Two Suspected Hackers Sought in Nationwide Cybercrime Attacks
Posted 1/13/2020
Research Suggests So-Called Invasive Grasses May Fuel Wildfires; Big-Rig Bridge Collisions a Costly, Growing National Problem; Lawsuits Claim Firefighting Foam Manufacturers Knowingly Contaminated Water
Posted 12/30/2019
New Orleans Declares State of Emergency After Cyberattack; CA Supreme Court Overturns State Search Warrant Exception
Posted 12/16/2019
Cyber Risk Means Commercial Drones Could Crash, Affecting Public Entities; CA Leads, Others Join Fight Relating to Risky High-Power Lines; Towns Inundated by Repeated Flooding Starting to Look Very Different
Posted 12/2/2019
GA County Building Non-Jail Detention Center for Mentally Ill; Glut of Senior Housing Due to Changing Approach Nationally; Origin of Drones Draws Attention for Los Angeles County Fire Department
Posted 11/18/2019
California Wildfires Prompting Potential Changes to State, Local Governments; Another Ransomware Lesson Learned: Don’t Neglect Software Upgrades; Helping Residents Feel (Somewhat) Better About Paying Tickets
Posted 11/4/2019
Utility Rejects San Francisco Offer to Buy Electric Lines; 2019 a Rough Year for Hacker Attacks on Local Governments; Communities Preparing For Dwindling Numbers of First Responders
Posted 10/21/2019
National Movement Underway to Fix 911 Service; Raid Yields No Drugs, Winds Up In Appeals Court; Auditors Criticize City’s Internal Controls in Ransomware Attack; October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Posted 10/7/2019
Active Shooter Drill Temporarily Shuts North Carolina Courthouse; More Government Agencies Using Facebook for Emergency Alerts; City Hires So-Called Second Chance Firefighters with Criminal Records
Posted 9/23/2019
Some Cities Pushing Back Against 5G Wireless Service Technology; Hundreds of FL Nursing Homes Still Not Hurricane-Ready; Several Communities Lowering Local Speed Limits to Reduce Fatalities
Posted 9/9/2019
In TX, Small Towns Are Favorite Targets for Ransomware Attacks; Local Governments Preparing for Aging Wave without National Policy Guidance; Communities Considering Software to Help with First Digital Census
Posted 8/26/2019
ICMA Publishes Results of Nationwide Local Government Survey; Some Ransomware Criminals See Public Entities As Easy Targets
Posted 8/12/2019
Alaska Faces Dearth of Police Candidates; Expert Counters Conspiracy Theory about Lyme Disease; Denver Police Use GPS Darts to Track Fleeing Vehicles
Posted 7/29/2019
Congress Considers Retro Technology and Procedures to Protect Power; The Ongoing Struggle to Stay Safe from Active Shooters; Baltimore Ransomware Attack: Two Lessons Cited by Experts
Posted 7/15/2019
Ransomware Attacks Against Public Entities on the Rise; Malware Posing Increasing Threat to Law Enforcement; Looking for Ways to Prevent Deadly, Destructive Gas Leaks
Posted 7/1/2019
As Scooter Injuries Climb, Experts Urge Helmet Laws; Meth, Cocaine Deaths Rising; Fentanyl Lacing Found in Many Cases; As Flooding Intensifies Nationwide, Few Homeowners Have Flood Insurance
Posted 6/17/2019
Waze Phone App May Make First Response Safer, Faster; Massive, Relentless Flooding in Central U.S.
Posted 6/3/2019
Utah Has New Automatic Clean Slate Law for Minor Crimes; Study: So-Called Smartphone Addicts May Be Worse Than Drunk Drivers; San Francisco Bans Use of Facial Recognition Technology
Posted 5/21/2019
Resources Available to Mark National Water Safety Month; Some Predictive Cameras Can Detect Crime Before It Occurs
Posted 5/7/2019
Home, Business Surveillance Video a Boon to Law Enforcement; Michigan Bucks National Trend of Record Pedestrian Road Deaths; Technology Helps Midwest Cope with Devastating Floods
Posted 4/22/2019
Baltimore Sues Banks Over Public Works Bonds; NYC Set to Become First U.S. City to Charge for Traffic Congestion; World-Wide Mystery Infection Causes Public Health Concern
Posted 4/11/2019
Record Flooding Tests Limits of Local Disaster Preparedness in Midwest; Hemp Food Craze Raises Questions Nationwide; Hepatitis Outbreaks Cause Growing National Concern
Posted 3/25/2019
Number of Children in Public Health Programs Declines Significantly; New York City Fighting Crime with Computer Algorithms;
Posted 3/11/2019
L.A. Proposes Costly Plan to Turn Sewer Water into Drinking Water; Legal Fight Underway in Houston over Misdemeanor Bail Money; Developer Fights City’s Order to Rebuild Historic House
Posted 2/26/2019
Department of Transportation Proposes Rule to Ease Federal Drone Regulation; Report: Agency Infighting Hampered Wildfire Efforts; Inmate Healthcare an Ongoing Concern for Jails Across the U.S.
Posted 2/11/2019
CA Sues Huntington Beach Over Lack of Affordable Housing; Federal Judge Voids Iowa Law Aimed at Curtailing Animal-Rights Investigations; Overdose Deaths of Women in U.S. Nearly Tripled in 20 Years
Posted 1/28/2019
Federal Jury Strips Motorcycle Club of Its Logo; New App Intended to Detect Opioid Overdoses and Call for Help; Homeowner Insurance Vanishing in Wildfire Risk Zones
Posted 1/14/2019
No Matter the Type of Disaster, Evidence Shows Elderly Most At-Risk; Growing Challenge: Burying Those Who Die Poor, Homeless; Court Ruling on Homelessness Spurs Some Cities to Action
Posted 1/2/2019
Emergency Response Issues Turn Deadly In CA Wildfires; Breathalyzer Ruling Threatens Thousands Of NJ Convictions
Posted 11/27/2018
Post-Disaster First Responder Training Expedited By FEMA; Firefighters in CA: When Emergency Response is Overwhelmed; Mass Shooting in California Bar Renews Debate over Active Shooter Response
Posted 11/12/2018
Election Officials Nationwide Face Low-Tech Voting Day Problem; Recent Incidents Show Importance of Police Response Training; Biggest Challenge of Hurricane Michael Aftermath: Communications
Posted 10/31/2018
Experts Suggest Planning Social Media Usage and Response Before Disaster Strikes; Educators, Congress Consider Surveillance Gear for Schools; Some Lessons Learned from Use of Police Bodycams
Posted 10/15/2018
Collisions Between Pedestrians and Electric Scooters on the Rise; Study: Teens Using E-Cigarettes to Vape Marijuana; Experts Warn Popular Voting Machine Among Those Most Vulnerable to Hacking
Posted 10/4/2018
Exploding Natural Gas Pipelines in MA Raise Infrastructure Concerns; Human Trafficking of Juveniles by Gangs Increasing Nationally; Hacking Simulations Aim to Demonstrate Election System Vulnerability
Posted 9/17/2018
PA Corrections Guards Fall Ill from Suspected Drug Exposure; California Top Court Rules for Police in Pursuit Accident Case; Wildfire Fighters: Verizon Throttled Emergency Data to Charge More
Posted 9/4/2018
Drones Help Facilitate Traffic Accident Investigations; Help Wanted at 911 Centers Coast To Coast
Posted 8/20/2018
Philadelphia Police Settle with Feds over Services for Deaf Citizens; Cities Pressed for Space Could Look to Parking Spaces; Demolition Lead Dust Proves a Hazard in Many Cities
Posted 8/6/2018
Police Pursuit Liability Case Goes to CA Supreme Court; So-Called Benzos May Replace Opioids as Nations Next Drug Epidemic; Iowa Municipal Fireworks Restrictions Okayed by Federal Judge
Posted 7/23/2018
Risks Increase, Overtime Skyrockets as Corrections Jobs Go Unfilled; Pedestrian Alcohol Impairment Cited as Growing Factor in Fatalities; Demographics: Nation Continues to Age, Grow More Diverse
Posted 7/9/2018
Law Enforcement Departments Face Decline in Interested, Qualified New Hires; Cities Tap Technology to Deal With the Low-Tech Problem of Potholes
Posted 6/25/2018
Cities Scrambling Amid Tougher China Recycling Import Policy; FL Legislation Compels Student First-Aid Training; Homeless RV Owners in San Diego Win First Class Action Court Battle
Posted 6/13/2018
911 Systems Struggling to Keep Up with Technology, Modern-Day Emergencies; WY Court Rules against County on Campground Ownership Law; Muslim Woman Sues over Forced Removal of Headscarf in Jail
Posted 5/29/2018
Study Contradicts Public Perception on Police Use of Force; Criminals Use Drone Swarm to Thwart Hostage Rescue Team; Rural Roads Pose Challenges for Driverless Cars
Posted 5/14/2018
Controversy Surrounding Use of DNA to Catch California Suspect; Experts: Voting Machines in 14 States Highly Vulnerable to Hacking; TX Man Gets 50-Year Sentence in $1.2 Million Theft from County
Posted 4/30/2018
Emergency Alert Systems Found to Be Vulnerable to Hackers; Device Intended to Disrupt UAVs That Interfere with Emergency Operations; Police Bodycams May Soon Incorporate Facial Recognition
Posted 4/16/2018
Toll Roads Gaining Popularity with Some Officials, Less So With Public; Cities, Counties Line Up to Sue Manufacturers over Opioid Crisis; Suburban Mall Closures Due to Get Worse, Analyst Says
Posted 4/2/2018
Accelerated Bridge Design May Have Been Factor in Six Florida Deaths; County Emergency Managers Criticized After California Disasters; Homeless "Campus" Approach Catches on in Some Cities
Posted 3/19/2018
FL City Councils Attempt to Control Public Meeting Goes to US Supreme Court; Use of Cell Phones, Marijuana Cited in Rising Pedestrian Fatalities; Many Cities and Counties Have Installed Vehicle Charging Stations
Posted 3/5/2018
Chicago Credits Police Technology for Drop in Shootings; Corrections Guards Dropped from Tear Gas Lawsuit; Unsafe Water Found in Taps Across Rural America
Posted 2/19/2018
Report: Road Salt Taking Toll on Nation's Waterways; Study: Fracking Depletes Water Quantity as Well as Quality; Women Mayors on Panel Address Their Responsibility to the #MeToo Movement
Posted 2/5/2018
U.S. Foster Care Systems Struggle to Keep Up with Opioid Crisis; One Study: Simulated Nature May Help Calm Inmates in Solitary Confinement; NYC Program Eliminates Jail Time for Some Misdemeanors with Short Sentences
Posted 1/23/2018
Rise in Evicted Renters Could Lead to New Housing Dilemma; Study Says Housing the Homeless Could Lower Cities Healthcare Costs; Many Female Firefighters Face an Unusual Challenge
Posted 1/8/2018
NC County Employee Opens Seemingly Safe Email, Triggers Ransomware; Feds Accuse IL City of Using Illegal Zoning to Discriminate; City Plans to Use Drones for Off-Road Traffic Enforcement
Posted 12/18/2017
Ohio City Sues TV Station for Defamation; Federal Tattoo Recognition Research Prompts Privacy Lawsuit; Some Cities, States Consider Response in the Event of Nuclear Attack
Posted 12/4/2017
CA School Followed Emergency Plans, Protected Students from Gunman; Appeals Court: Temperature Matters in Jails and Prisons; Concerns Raised Over U.S. Sales of Chinese Security Cams
Posted 11/20/2017
Some Cities Buying Mobile Home Parks as Low-Cost Housing Options; Honolulu Launches Distracted Walking Ordinance; Study: Police Bodycams Dont Change Behavior or Complaints
Posted 11/6/2017
Wildfire, Hurricane Lessons: Older Citizens Face Exceptional Risk; In Disaster Aftermath, Some "Emergency" Shelters Become Extended Stay Facilities; Study: Authorities Should Use Social Media to Combat Disaster Rumors
Posted 10/23/2017
Preparedness: Educating Public to Be First Responders; Hurricane Harvey Left Floodwaters And Mountains of Trash; FL Animals Went to Jail to Stay Safe from Hurricane Irma
Posted 10/9/2017
Hurricane Disaster Recovery Complicated by Health Risks; Nursing Home Generators Now Required After Hurricane Irma Deaths; Tough Local Drone Ordinance Struck Down in Federal Court
Posted 9/25/2017
Emergency Managers Scramble as Hurricane Irma Shifts Course; Volunteers Pose Potential Liability in Disasters; Survey: Risk Managers Cautious About Use of Drones
Posted 9/12/2017
Use of Drones on the Rise for Smuggling Drugs, Prison Contraband; Facial Recognition Capabilities Coming To Police Body Cameras; Study: Rate of Opioid-Related Fatal Car Crashes Surges
Posted 8/28/2017
Supreme Court Ruling on Takings Impacts Local Governments; Volunteer Firefighters Decline as 911 Calls Surge; Power-Grid Hacking Poorly Understood, Experts Say
Posted 8/14/2017
Public Sector Targeted in Sophisticated E-Fraud Scams; Youth Homelessness on the Rise Nationwide; Use of Kaspersky Labs Software by Local Governments Questioned
Posted 7/31/2017
A Look at the Nation's First Opioid Court; Drone Operator Arrested for Interfering with Firefighters; More Appeals Courts Rule that Citizens Can Record Police
Posted 7/17/2017
Lawsuit Over Student Data Breach Highlights Security Issues; City Preparing Suits Against Multiple Landlords for Lead Paint Violations; Some Courts Employing Service Dogs to Help Case Witnesses
Posted 7/5/2017
Impact of Fading Retail on Community Land Use, Ordinances; New Data Suggests Cities Making Progress on Pedestrian Deaths; Medical Drones Could Help Cut Response Time, Save Lives
Posted 6/20/2017
First Responders Face Drug Exposure in Overdose Calls; New High-Speed Internet Lane Being Developed for First Responders; Reminder: Amateur Radio Can Be Lifeline During Major Disaster
Posted 6/5/2017
Illinois County, Other Public Entities Hit By WannaCry Ransomware; Growing Role of Artificial Intelligence in Local Governments; Government-Owned Golf Courses Face Declining Interest in the Game
Posted 5/22/2017
Addressing the Issue of Mentally Ill Individuals in Jails; As Government Workforces Age, Discrimination Risk Could Rise; Enforcing Truth in Claims of Locally Sourced Food
Posted 5/9/2017
Houston Sued Over Ordinance on Feeding Homeless; Magazine: Popular Image of Fire Stations Is Antiquated; Bank Predicts Driverless Cars Will Help Local Government Coffers
Posted 4/25/2017
National First Responder Broadband Network Takes Step Forward; Online Shopping Trend Linked to Rise in Dog Bites; Networked Vehicles, Roadways Pose Concerns
Posted 4/10/2017
Emergency Plans Could Benefit from Jurisdiction-Specific Approach; Study: Teen Drug Use Declining; Magazine Examines Illegal Immigrants and Crime Rates
Posted 3/27/2017
San Diego Police Sued for Obtaining Minor DNA without Parental Consent, Warrant; CDC Study: Overdose Deaths Continue to Climb; NACo Urges Local Governments to Plan for Automated Vehicles
Posted 3/13/2017
Nations Fire Departments Face Decline in Young Recruits; Court Blocks Sheriff from Sharing List of "Problem" Deputies; Seven Potential Life-Saving Public Safety Uses for Drones
Posted 2/27/2017
Oakland Records Show Repeated Warehouse Safety Problems; Study: Pedestrian Fatalities on the Rise Nationally; Survey, Report: Police Experiencing Greater Concerns About Safety
Posted 2/13/2017
Group Sues New York City, Demands Text-To-911 Service; CO Doctors: Heavy Marijuana Use Leads to Severe Symptoms; Philadelphia Bans Employers from Asking Applicants Salary History
Posted 1/30/2017
Entrepreneurs Develop Consumer Anti-Drone Products; Rental Inspections Prompt Privacy Fight Before MN Supreme Court; Keeping Tabs on Social Media Can Be Costly for Law Enforcement
Posted 1/17/2017
Social Media An Untapped Resource During TN Wildfire; Ordinance to Ban Lone Individuals from Playgrounds Stirs Controversy; Man Who Posed As a First Responder Loses Press-Rights Battle in Court
Posted 1/3/2017
CDC: Opioid Abuse Continues to Plague the Nation; Turning Abandoned Malls from Eyesores to Community Assets; Feds Investigate County Officials Over Jailhouse Informants
Posted 12/19/2016
OSHA Anti-Retaliation Rule Now in Effect; San Bernardino County & Employees Coping a Year After Attack; Active Shooter Preparedness: A National Perspective
Posted 12/5/2016
Some Blame Digital Diversion for Sharp Rise in Traffic Fatalities; Rural County Swamped by High Profile Pipeline Protest; Magazine: Lawsuits Costing Cities a Bundle
Posted 11/21/2016
Study: Should Wounded Victims Receive Less Advanced Care from Paramedics? Research: Natural Disasters May Be a Factor in Elderly Dementia; Organization Suggests Public Input into Police Department Operations
Posted 11/7/2016
PA Counties Sue Phone Companies to Recover 911 Fees; LAPD Evaluates Electric Car for Pursuit Work; Taser Maker Explores Stun Gun-Equipped Drones
Posted 10/24/2016
Drug-Abuse Epidemic Blamed for Foster Care Crisis; Judge: Chicago Can Sue Opioid Manufacturers; Health Concerns Prompt Consideration of Less-Intense LED Street Lights
Posted 10/12/2016
Officials Praise Citizen Phone Alert System in Search for Bomber; Drone Video Could Be Coming to Nightly News; Court: City Bankruptcy Cant Be Used to Dodge Lawsuit Settlement
Posted 9/26/2016
Study Notes Rise In Female Jail Population; Potential Battles Loom Over Privatization of Municipal Parks; Boston Police Lose Fight to Stop Bodycam Pilot Project
Posted 9/12/2016
Feds Sue TX County Over ADA Accessibility at Polling Places; Ex-Officers Sue Former Employer Over Allegations of Falsified Crime Stats; Intelligent Computers May Replace Humans in FL County Departments
Posted 8/29/2016
Popular Digital Game Causing Safety Problems in Cities Nationwide; Milwaukee Sees GPS Bullets as Useful in Reducing High-Speed Chases; Environmental Group Catalogs Water Systems with Lead, Copper Violations
Posted 8/15/2016
Firefighters Reach Out to Addicts, Offer Safe Stations; 7th Graders Arrest for Burping in Class Upheld by Appeals Court; Appellate Court: Inmate Entitled to Wear Wiccan Medallion
Posted 8/1/2016
FAA Drone Regulations Recognize Input Of Local Authority; Appeals Panel: Citizen Complaints Against Chicago Police Subject to FOIA; Study: Body-Cams Dont Reduce Assaults on Police
Posted 7/18/2016
Public Sector Vulnerable as Ransomware Attacks Escalate; Jail Sued After Inmate Death Due to Excessive Water Intake; Some Communities Stung by Private Equity-Owned Emergency Services
Posted 7/5/2016
US Appeals Court: Counties Can Decide Concealed Weapons Rules; County Sued by Environmental Groups; Homeowner Sues CO City, SWAT Team Over Damages
Posted 6/21/2016
Water/Wastewater Risk Management Rules May Change; Appeals Court: Police Can Track Cellphones Without Warrant; Governments Urged to Develop Mobile Web Strategy
Posted 6/6/2016
CDC: Playground Brain Injuries on the Rise Despite Precautions; Study: Falls Increase Older Drivers Car Crash Risk
Posted 5/23/2016
Opioid Task Forces Spring Up Nationwide; Drones Studied for Application in Reducing Wildfire Incidents; City Councilman Sues City, Fellow Council Members Over Fine
Posted 5/9/2016
NJ Council: Police Car Camera Mandate Unconstitutional; Survey: Nearly 1/3 of Water Systems Have Some Lead Lines; Judge Rules TX City Can Ban Adult Trade Show
Posted 4/25/2016
Rules of the Road for Driverless Cars Unclear; Ohio Official Sued For Purging Eligible Voters; Indiana State Trooper Fired for Religious Remarks at Traffic Stops
Posted 4/11/2016
Old Voting Machines Have Drawbacks, Are Expensive to Replace; New Guide Aims to Strengthen Trust Between Police, Communities; City Sued Over Alleged Officer-Organized Jailhouse Fight Club
Posted 3/29/2016
Studies: Wastewater Plants Do Not Treat Hospital Superbugs; IL State Appeals Court Sides with Police in Protest Case; Counties Take Lead in Using, Regulating Drones
Posted 3/14/2016
Appeals Court: Police Officer Must Consent to Lie Test Order; Street Lights Pressed Into Service to Pinpoint Gunshot Locations; Jury Sides With Department of Corrections in Gender Bias Case
Posted 2/29/2016
Alabama City Sued Multiple Times over Alleged Unlawful Fines; Civil Forfeiture Practices Prompt Lawsuit in Indiana; 46 Georgia Corrections Officers Charged in Drug Sting
Posted 2/15/2016
American Cities Review Water Systems Following Flint Crisis; Survey: Almost All Police Departments Plan to Use Body Cameras; L.A. Spent Billions on Public Transit, But Ridership is Down
Posted 2/2/2016
Arizona Lawmaker Wants to Limit Citizen Videos of Police Officers; County Sues Banks for Elder Abuse After Elderly Woman Loses Home; Data Reminds Public Officials of Impending Retirement Surge
Posted 1/18/2016
Broadband, Once the Internet Holy Grail, Gives Way to Smartphones; Snow Plows Get Makeover to Improve Clearing, Save Money
Posted 1/4/2016
FCC Now Caps Charges on All Inmate Phone Calls; Nations Water Systems Get Poor Report Card; Opinion Polls Show Growing Public Confidence in Police Bodycams
Posted 12/21/2015
Autonomous Vehicles Will Change Traffic; Seattle Considers Installing Alternative Sidewalks; Corruption Scandal Makes Waves in Atlanta Water Department
Posted 12/8/2015
Hobbyist Drone Sales Expected to Soar Over Holidays; Chicago Is First Major City to Take Action on Drone Issue; Airbnb Travel Site Wins Costly Housing Battle in San Francisco
Posted 11/23/2015
Paramedic House Calls Help Reduce ER Visits; Golf Carts Pose Ordinance Challenge; Local Governments May Be Liable for Ignoring Climate Change
Posted 10/27/2015
Sharing Economy Challenges Authority of Cities, Counties; Crude Oil Weight May Cause Train Derailments; Uproar over Homeless Sweeps in Honolulu
Posted 10/12/2015
Expert Says Unencrypted City Traffic Systems Invite Hacking; Use of Temps and Contract Workers on the Rise in Municipal Government
Posted 9/29/2015
Surge in Flammable Fuel Shipments Prompts Grants for Rail Crossings; Bill Limiting Drones Over Private Property Nixed by CA Governor; Car Commuting Declines Slightly But Still Prevails, Census Study Finds
Posted 9/15/2015
Departments Discover Limitations of Police Cameras; CA Marijuana Growers Ordered to Show Water Quality Impact; Report: After Years of Cuts, Cities & States Hiring Again
Posted 8/31/2015
Cities, Counties May Need Drone Enforcement Tools; Crisis Text Line Shows Possibiities For Next-Generation 911 Service; Parched California Cities Face Enforcement Of Tough New State Rules On Lawns
Posted 8/3/2015
T-Mobile Fined for Massive 911 Outage; Drone Makes First FAA-Sanctioned Delivery of Meds to Rural Clinic;
Posted 7/21/2015
Supreme Court Ruling on Municipal Sign Codes Has National Impact; States, Local Governments Look to Harness Rain; Google and Other Tech Companies Trying to Improve Life in Cities
Posted 7/6/2015
Americans With Disabilities Act: Update Released; ACLU-Recommended Policies for Police Body-Cam Use Met With Skepticism; Cities Consider Body-Cams for Non-Police Workers
Posted 6/22/2015
NJ City Is Latest To Launch Municipal ID Program; Texas, Oklahoma Prohibit Local Bans On Fracking; PA County Accuses Telecoms off Withholding Millions In 911 Fees
Posted 6/8/2015
Denmark Study Shows Bystander CPR Yields Big Results; Report Says Half of Federal Surveillance Video Unwatched; Restaurant-Style Dinner Parties Challenge Health Inspectors
Posted 5/26/2015
New Public Health Risk: Designer Drug Known as "Flakka"; 7th Circuit Grants Navajo Prisoners Requests; San Francisco Bans Chewing Tobacco at Sports Venues
Posted 5/11/2015
Jail Health Care Costs Rise As Inmate Population Ages; Worker Retaliation Shield Expanded By Court Ruling; Study Explores How Driverless Cars Will Impact Roads, Land Use
Posted 4/28/2015
FAA Wants Local Authorities to Help Monitor Drones; AZ Top Court: Medical Marijuana Permissible for Those on Probation
Posted 4/13/2015
Audits: Excessive Workers' Comp Claims Cost L.A. Taxpayers Millions; Some Cities Reconsidering Use of Red Light Cameras
Posted 4/1/2015
Washington State Sues MI Firms Over Alleged Community Service Scam; Court: City of Atlanta Not Liable For Diabetic Inmate's Illness
Posted 3/18/2015
Oil Transport: Which is Safer, Pipelines or Rails?; Tucson to Appeal Court Ruling Allowing Homeless Pods in City Park; Police Body-Cams Raise Questions of Privacy As Well As Storage
Posted 3/3/2015
Police Departments Grapple with Storage Costs of Body Camera Footage; Renters Dominate Housing Market in Many Big Cities; Vanishing Volunteers Pose Challenges for Rural EMS Services
Posted 2/17/2015
New Guidance From American Planning Association on Post-Disaster Recovery; Report: Local Level Economic Recovery Lags Behind National Stats; LAPD Buys Camera-Linked Tasers
Posted 2/2/2015
Court: On-Call Workers Must Be Paid For All Hours on Job Site; City Council Approves Orders Forcing Ordinance Violators to Stay Away from Parks
Posted 1/19/2015
Liability Concerns Prompt Some Cities to Ban or Limit Sledding; Ohio Supreme Court Upholds Traffic Cams
Posted 1/6/2015
Cities Challenging Uber Online Ride Service Worldwide; "Distracted Walkers" Pose Increasing Traffic Hazard; Survey: Local Governments Trusted More Than States
Posted 12/22/2014
Rising Danger of Aircraft-Drone Collisions; NYC Payout Underscores Municipal Sidewalk Liability; Lone-Wolf Terrorists Often Target Police
Posted 12/9/2014
Cities See Fast Internet as Essential; The Most Dangerous Jobs in Local Government
Posted 11/24/2014
Toledo Arrest Warrants Ruled Unconstitutional; New Study: Complete Power Outages Will Become Commonplace
Posted 11/10/2014
Nation's First Responders Consider Ebola Preparedness; Appeals Court Rules for City of Chicago on Retiree Health Care
Posted 10/28/2014
Nation Copes With Fear, Misinformation About Ebola Virus; Mistakes in Dallas Ebola Case Show Need for Better Preparedness
Posted 10/15/2014
Appeals Court Rulings: Disabled Inmate Accessibility Claims Must Be Tracked; City Worker Qualified Immunity Gets Iffy With Contractor Employees
Posted 10/1/2014
Texas Police Detective Prevails in Appeal Over Reduced Job Duties; Trooper Ambush Contributes to Rise in Fatal Shootings of Officers
Posted 9/16/2014
Communities Eye Microgrids to Avoid Power Outages; The Volunteer Firefighter: A Vanishing Breed
Posted 9/2/2014
Two States Invest in Tornado Safe Rooms for Community Protection; CDC Report: Winter Cold Deadlier Than Summer Heat
Posted 8/18/2014
Toledo Public Water Crisis; L.A. Water Main Break; Controversy Over NYC Man's Death
Posted 8/5/2014
Video of CHP Officer Encounter with Woman Leads to Call for More Training; Massive Wildfires Test Washington State Emergency Managers
Posted 7/22/2014
New Jersey Prosecutor Loses Appeal in Age Discrimination Case; Stealth Motorcycle Technology Comes to Police Patrol Work
Posted 7/7/2014
Report: Lawsuits Cost State of Michigan $85 Million Last Year; Appeals Court Strikes Down Ban on Homeless Living in Cars
Posted 6/24/2014
San Jose, California, Struggles to Fashion a Marijuana Ordinance; GAO Report: Most Ammonium Nitrate Storage Facilities Not in Federal Database
Posted 6/9/2014
Farmers Insurance Files Nine Class-Action Suits Over Local Climate Change Preparedness; Inmate Dies in Overheated Jail Cell, Highlighting National Issue
Posted 5/27/2014
Report: Manhunt for Rogue Officer Hampered by Police Response; Assessment: Climate Change Posing Community Challenges Nationwide
Posted 5/12/2014
Secret Aerial Surveillance Project Generates Controversy for Sheriff; Studies Show Later High School Start Time Reduces Accidents, Depression
Posted 4/28/2014
Overdose Drug Naloxone Approved for Consumer Use; Cybersecurity: Consider a Different Way to Assess Risk
Posted 4/14/2014
Washington Mudslide Renews Debates Over Risk-Area Zoning; Should Prisons Pay for Inmates Costly Hepatitis C Drugs?
Posted 3/31/2014
Drug Used By Police to Reverse Overdoses Shows Solid Results; Energy Industry Urged to Form Cyber-Threat Coalition
Posted 3/17/2014
CA County Debates Paying Deputies for Time Spent Donning Uniforms; Research Shows Offshore Wind Farms Could Weaken Hurricanes
Posted 3/3/2014
Volunteer Firefighters Exempt From the Affordable Care Act?; California Power Station Attack Prompts Worries About Grid
Posted 2/18/2014
Minnesota Considering Law to Regulate Police Use of Smartphone Data; Man Dies in Front of D.C. Station; Firefighters Cite 911 Protocol
Posted 2/4/2014
Fire Hydrants Exempt from EPA Lead Safety Rules; Hackers May Use Municipal Networks to Access State, Federal Sites
Posted 1/20/2014
GPS Projectile Technology Aims to End Dangerous Police Pursuits; Boston Police Suspend Use of License Plate Scanners
Posted 1/7/2014
California Cities Watching Detroit Pension Liability Battle; More Cities Demolishing Their Way to Rehabilitation
Posted 12/10/2013
Study Shows Importance of Playground Surface Installation, Maintenance; Focus on Forest Fire Suppression May Lead to Larger Fires
Posted 11/25/2013
North Dakotas Oil Boom: A Blessing and A Curse; Boston Lauds Citizens for Using Mobile App to Report Problems
Posted 11/11/2013
Hacking Vulnerabilities Found in Critical Infrastructure Systems; ACLU Challenges Ordinance on Nuisance Rental Properties
Posted 10/29/2013
Federal Court: Unpaid Interns Cannot Sue Over Sexual Harassment; Some Cities Taking Over Vacant Homes with Land Banks
Posted 10/14/2013
Public Transit Worth More Than Many Realize; Google Shares Tips for Posting Emergency Information Online
Posted 9/30/2013
California City Plans to Seize Negative Equity Mortgages; Mesh Networks May Facilitate Emergency Communications
Posted 9/16/2013
Civic-Minded Computer Wizards Want to Help Local Governments Use Technology; San Francisco Bans Fire Helmet Cams in Wake of Jetliner Crash
Posted 9/3/2013
MIT Study Shows Benefits of Restricted Mobility During Epidemics; Good News: Mortgage Delinquencies Dropping Nationally
Posted 8/19/2013
New Book: Suburban Life Fading In Popularity; Appeals Court Rules on Front Lawn Searches; Study: Mandated Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Could Save Money
Posted 8/6/2013
Detroit Bankruptcy: What Others Are Saying; New Jersey High Court: Police Need Warrants for Phone Tracking; Is Your Community Ready for Driverless Cars?
Posted 7/23/2013
FEMA Wants NY County to Return Millions in Storm Aid; Cameras to Watch Speed Cameras Installed in Ohio
Posted 7/9/2013
Social Media Reshaping Emergency Management Policies; Amid Rising Privacy Concerns, Police Are Relying on Photo Databases
Posted 6/24/2013
Cities Push for Local Hires; Short-Term Rentals Pose Challenges for Municipalities; More Than 60,000 Bridges in U.S. Are "Structurally Deficient"
Posted 6/11/2013
Report: Communities Need to Re-Think Transportation Plans, Budgets; Human-Powered Bicycle Cabs Welcomed in Some Communities, Resisted in Others
Posted 5/28/2013
Cities Strive to Cope with Deluge of Data; For-Profit Charity Bins Banned in Lincoln, Nebraska
Posted 5/14/2013
Boston Bombing Shows Value of Emergency Planning; Surveillance Cams, Social Media, Police/Citizen Teamwork All Integral in Boston Case
Posted 4/30/2013
Public Works Professionals in FL Double as First Responders; Township Allows Homeowners to Pay Property Taxes by Shopping Local
Posted 4/15/2013
Top Court Limits Use of Police Dogs Outside Homes; Some Communities Consider Mandatory Gun Ownership Laws
Posted 4/1/2013
Ohio City Uses GPS Technology to Monitor Fleet; Georgia Seeks to Revise Its Border For the Sake of Water
Posted 3/18/2013
Kentucky County Prevails in Essential Duty Court Appeal; DEA Targeting Mobile Veterinarians in Drug Investigations
Posted 3/4/2013
Domestic Drone Use - And Controversy - Continues to Grow; Civil Engineers Issue Grim Report on U.S. Infrastructure
Posted 2/18/2013
Statistics Reveal 83 U.S. Firefighter Deaths in 2012; Cities Give a Green Light for Bicycle Traffic Signals
Posted 2/4/2013
Court Upholds Firing Woman for Being Irresistible; Supreme Court Ruling Expands Scope of Takings Clause
Posted 1/21/2013
Study Shows Wealthy Enclaves Have Sub-Standard EMS/Fire Service; Welcome Trend: Terrorism Declining in the United States
Posted 1/7/2013
Texting Pedestrians Pose Accident Risk, New Study Shows; Incident in Georgia School Shows National Need for Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Posted 12/17/2012
Study: Government Response Affects Citizen Disaster Preparedness; Arizona Police Departments Testing Shirt-Cams
Posted 12/4/2012
Cities Changing Nations Energy Landscape By Becoming Bulk Buyers; Ordinance Seeks to Hold Landlords Responsible for Tenant Behavior
Posted 11/20/2012
U.S. Supreme Court May Put Limits on Dogs Sniffing For Drugs; Canadian Study: Dedicated Bike Lanes Result in Fewer Injuries
Posted 11/5/2012
High Court Weighs Municipal Payments for Permit Denials; Chicago Proposes Nations First Gun/Ammo Tax
Posted 10/22/2012
Some Fire Departments Consider Two-Wheeled Responders; Inmates Sue Over Lack of Dental Floss
Posted 10/8/2012
New Town Ordinance Guards Dark Night Skies; Urban Population Growth Continues Worldwide
Posted 9/25/2012
Federal Appellate Court Rules Against Cities in Homeless Case; Dallas Judges Charge Political Interference with Court Operations
Posted 9/11/2012
Homeowners Take on Big Banks over Foreclosures; Task Force Foresees Long-Term State, Local Debt Crisis
Posted 8/28/2012
Increasing Disasters Spark Rise in Citizen Response Units; Food Trucks Causing Distress in Many Cities
Posted 8/13/2012
Community Emergency Sirens Becoming Endangered Species; Court Backs Use of Local Ordinances to Regulate Energy Drilling
Posted 7/31/2012
Appeals Court: Police May Be Liable for Pepper Ball Injuries; City Fights to Keep Marijuana Clinic for Economic Reasons
Posted 7/16/2012
"Bath Salts" Drug Use and Related Violence Increasing Across U.S.; Appeals Court: Use of Rubber Bullets on Drunk Driver Constitutes Excessive Force
Posted 6/18/2012
DHS: Gas Pipelines Under Cyberattack Since December; All Hawaii Counties Ban Plastic Bags
Posted 6/5/2012
One City Cracks Down on Texting While Jaywalking; Portland Fights Food Cart Sales of Alcohol
Posted 5/21/2012
American Bridges in Critical Condition; Courts Nationwide Slowly But Steadily Going Paperless
Posted 5/7/2012
San Jose Auditor: Patrol Officers Should Wear Cameras; Red Cross Creating Digital Ops Center for Social Media
Posted 4/23/2012
Hackers Attacking U.S. Utility Infrastructure Every Day; Facebook May Sue Employers Who Demand Passwords
Posted 4/9/2012
GAO Audit Finds Serious Flaws in Planned National Emergency Response Network; Copper Thefts Thwarted by GPS Tracking Devices
Posted 3/27/2012
Poll: Half of Americans Admit They Arent Prepared For Disaster; Budget Axe Claims Santa Ana Fire Department
Posted 3/13/2012
Courts Uphold Cities Right to Ban Gas Drilling; New Hampshire Town Balks at Military Gear for Local Police
Posted 2/27/2012
Wisconsin Considers Higher Municipal Liability Standard for Pothole Issues; Study: Most Terrorist Events Centered in Five US Counties
Posted 2/13/2012
Rise in Panhandling Brings New Ordinances, Lawsuits; City Enacts Merchant Fee to Combat Underage Smoking
Posted 1/31/2012
Widespread Cell Phone Use Forcing 911 System Upgrades; Florida Ordinance to Help Disabled Drivers at Gas Pumps
Posted 1/17/2012
Firearms Leading Cause of Police Officer Deaths in 2011; More Cities Cut Street Lighting to Save Money
Posted 1/3/2012
Arizona Cities Coordinate Program to Save Firefighter Lives; California County Jails Struggle With Influx of State Prisoners
Posted 12/19/2011
Battles Arise Over Police Radio Encryption; TSA Warns: Terrorists Eyeing Buses as Potential Targets
Posted 12/5/2011
NJ Considers Ban on First Responder Photos; Seattle Tries Treatment Instead of Jail in Drug Abuse Arrests
Posted 11/22/2011
Cities Not Prepared for Pending Rental Housing Demand; Chicago Considers Ordinance Forcing Banks to Guard Vacant Homes
Posted 11/8/2011
Study Evaluates Cost Effectiveness of Public Surveillance Cams; Urban Farming Gets Nod from Chicago City Council
Posted 10/25/2011
High Court to Rule on Police Use of Surveillance Technology; Chicago Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Overbilling Municipal Client
Posted 10/10/2011
Building Codes May Underestimate Multi-Hazard Risks; Utah City Buys First Police Surveillance Blimp
Posted 9/27/2011
Homeland Security Stronger, But Challenges Remain; NTSB Mulls Changes in Pipeline Network Safety
Posted 9/12/2011
Premium Prices for Scrap Copper Prompt Increased Thefts; Nevada Inmates Lose Appeals of Typewriter Ban
Posted 8/30/2011
NYPD Creates Social Media Investigation Unit; Evacuation Rescue Robot Is In Development
Posted 8/15/2011
Conference of Mayors Forecasts Gradual Recovery But Slow Job Growth; Computer Hackers Targeting Personal Data of Arizona Police
Posted 7/20/2011
Federal Judge: Jails Must Be Accessible to Those With Disabilities; Florida Court Ruling Against Red Light Camera Law Part of National Debate
Posted 7/5/2011
Crosswalks Become Deadlier As Populations Age; Appeals Court Overturns Speeding Ticket Over Incorrect Laser Model Number
Posted 6/21/2011
Report Urges Emergency Planners to Consider Children in Their Efforts; Ohio Police Form Regional Tech Crimes Task Force
Posted 6/6/2011
Researchers Develop Water Supply Bio-Attack Detection Device; GPS Company Apologizes For Selling Customer Data To Police
Posted 5/25/2011
U.S. Supreme Court Bolsters Municipal Defense on "Failure to Train"; Media Outlets Fight CA County Over Alleged Open Meetings Act Violations
Posted 5/9/2011
New Software May Keep Cell Phone Network Alive During Disasters; More Communities' City Councils Going "Paperless"
Posted 4/26/2011
NJ City May Charge "Negligent" Firms for Disasters; Florida PD Utilizes Local DNA Database
Posted 4/13/2011
Counties Resist Raising Taxes in Face of Falling Revenues; Death of Retail Strip Malls Predicted
Posted 3/28/2011
Cities Turn to Volunteers for Police Work; Debate Continues Over Security Camera Effectiveness
Posted 3/14/2011
Americans Want Good Transportation, Not the Bill; Debate Over Ads on Public Websites
Posted 2/28/2011
Man Accuses Police, Neighbors Of Spying; Montana Legislators Fighting Medical Marijuana
Posted 2/14/2011
N.J. City to Lose Nearly Half its Police Force; Utah City Considers Police Blimp
Posted 1/31/2011
Florida P.D. Aims to Deploy Drone Aircraft; Study Explores Challenges of Police Recruiting
Posted 1/17/2011
Municipal Debt Crisis Continues to Make News; Obesity Hurts Recruiting Efforts
Posted 1/3/2011
Parking Ordinance Generates Steam; Outdoor Gun Ranges Criticized
Posted 12/20/2010
Social Hosting Ordinances Take Aim at Underage Drinking
Posted 12/6/2010
Police Use Facebook to Screen Recruits; Smoke Particles Pose Risks to Firefighters
Posted 11/22/2010
Supreme Court Ruling Could Affect FOIA Requests; Election Results Likely to Impact Pensions
Posted 11/8/2010
Wind Power Meets Resistance; Are Phone Books Obsolete?
Posted 10/19/2010
Pipelines Aging; Scientists Propose "Smart" Traffic Lights
Posted 10/13/2010
More Senior Drivers Anticipated; Municipal Ordinances Reflect Hard Times
Posted 9/28/2010
Jails Test Laser Weapon; Scanners Raise Privacy Issues
Posted 9/14/2010

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