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09.28.21 U.P. Law Enforcement Advisory Committee Meeting
11.09.21 Facilities Management Committee Meeting
11.16.21 Technology & Cyber Security Advisory Committee Meeting
12.03.21 Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting
12.07.21 DPS Advisory Committee Meeting
12.09.21 Administrative Advisory Committee Meeting

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10.06.21 Rescue Task Force (RTF) Training
10.12.21 Rapid Response to Active Shooter
10.12.21 Developing a Cyber Incident Response Plan
10.14.21 Developing a Cyber Incident Response Plan
10.25.21 Trench Awareness & Operations

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Annual Meeting Speaker Resources Now Available
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August 2021 Risk Journal
Cyber risk series continues with a close look at the risks of ransomware, and a member writes about lightning strikes and how to protect against damage. Plus: Executive Director Mike Rhyner on the value new member participants bring to MMRMA.

June 2021 Risk Journal
We provide information on Bola Wraps, which offer law enforcement a new way to restrain individuals. The fourth article in our cybersecurity series provides guidance on protecting mobile devices. Also: Another update on the latest RAP/CAP grant offerings, including a new standard grant for Bola Wraps.

Risk Journal

August 2021 Risk Journal
Cyber risk series continues with a close look at the risks of ransomware, and a member writes about lightning strikes and how to protect against damage. Plus: Executive Director Mike Rhyner on the value new member participants bring to MMRMA.

June 2021 Risk Journal
We provide information on Bola Wraps, which offer law enforcement a new way to restrain individuals. The fourth article in our cybersecurity series provides guidance on protecting mobile devices. Also: Another update on the latest RAP/CAP grant offerings, including a new standard grant for Bola Wraps.

April 2021 Risk Journal
Next in our cyber risk series explores the critical nature of regular hardware and software updates. We also summarize recent additions to our RAP/CAP grant funding for training and certifications in the areas of planning, facilities management, and IT. Plus: some highlights from our first ever Virtual Learning Lab, which took place on March 4.

February 2021 Risk Journal
Our series on cyber risk management continues with a look at the benefits and characteristics of cybersecurity assessments. We also preview MMRMA's Virtual Learning Lab, which offers members remote training and networking remotely the ongoing pandemic.

December 2020 Risk Journal
A new series on cyber risk management kicks off with an article on safe, sensible password security measures. Plus a look at disinfection equipment to help with the pandemic.

October 2020 Risk Journal
Members share their approaches for collecting and storing COVID-19 screening data. Plus the final article in our series on managing risks in jails, and a sneak preview of our new website and member portal, coming soon!

August 2020 Risk Journal
RAP/CAP grant update. Applications welcome; next deadline is October 2. Plus virtual public meeting tips from a member and a parliamentary expert, and exploring direct supervision in jails.

June 2020 Risk Journal
Developing, Communicating Plans to Reopen During and After Pandemic; Managing Inmate Expectations a Key Component of Effective Jails

April 2020 Risk Journal
Addressing risks in jail operations, cyber security during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, MMRMA Executive Director Michael Rhyner extends appreciation to members, business partners, and staff.

February 2020 Risk Journal
Managing Inmate Medical Care; Risk Management Workshop Preview; Member Representatives Play a Key Role in MMRMA Partnership.

December 2019 Risk Journal
Michigan's Recreational Marijuana Law; Proper Inmate Classification in Corrections Facilities; MMRMA Publishes Cyber Security Bulletins and Other Risk Management Resources.

October 2019
Managing Intake and Booking to Reduce Risks in Jail Operations; Board Member Jeff Lawson; Highlights from August 2019 Annual Meeting

August 2019
MMRMA Earns National and State Recognition; Managing Jail Operation Risks; Update on Greenstone Products and Coverages

June 2019
Smooth Transitions Help Employees and Organizations Thrive; MMRMA Announces RAP/CAP Updates, New Application Forms; Annual Meeting Preview.

April 2019
Employee Retention Pays Off; MMRMA Subrogation Efforts Return Real Dollars for Members' Benefit; Anticipating the Unexpected and Navigating Change

February 2019
Smart Onboarding and Orientation Practices; MMRMA Updates Five Valuable Risk Control Brochures; Preview of Risk Management Workshop

December 2018
Smart Hiring Practices; Spotlight on MMRMA's Investment Committee; Profile: Board Member Michael Sedlak

October 2018
Decoding Blockchain and its Applications in Public Entities; Backing into Parking Spaces Could Reduce Claims; Annual Meeting Speakers Offer Glimpse into Future of Tech in Our Communities and Lives

August 2018
Board Chairman on the Value of Member-MMRMA Partnerships; Managing Cyber Security Threats in Public Spaces; Updated Data Breach Coverage for Members Reflects Evolving Risks

June 2018
Upcoming Annual Meeting Emphasizes Balance of Technology, People; Riding Innovation Wave Takes Creativity & Partnerships; MMRMA Tactical Encounters Training Improves Critical Thinking in Law Enforcement Officers

April 2018
Dark Web, Deep Web: Differences and Risks. Recap of Risk Management Workshop. Canton Township's APWA Accreditation and MMRMA's CAP Grant Opportunities

February 2018
The Internet of Things; Strategic Priorities and the Net Asset Distribution; New Rescue Task Force Training

December 2017
Grand Rapids Fire Department and MDOT Win National Award; Board Member Tracey Schultz Kobylarz Leads With Unique Perspective; Winter Risk Management Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

October 2017
MMRMA Rolls Out RAP Grant Updates; Focus on Membership Services; Managing Meetings, Conflict, and Stressful Situations

August 2017
MMRMA Coverage for Motor Vehicles Goes Beyond Basics; MMRMA Data Breach Coverage Continues as Cyber Liability Evolves; Profile of Board Member Leon Wright

June 2017
2017 Annual Meeting Celebrates Michigan; MMRMA Recognized by PRIMA; Challenges of Policing Special Needs Populations

April 2017
Making Decisions on Liability Claims and Settlements; Economic, Financial Insights from Workshop Speakers; Spring Training Preview

February 2017
MMRMA Forms Greenstone, a Captive Insurance Company; Preview of March 2017 Risk Management Workshop; Managing Risk When Renting Out Municipal Facilities

December 2016
New Acts Clarify Medical Marijuana Law; Standing Committee Vacancies Due to Mary Anderson's Retirement; Managing Potential Active Assailant Risk

October 2016
2016 Annual Meeting Features Success Strategies for Life & Work; FAA Updates Drone Regulations; A National Perspective on the Future of Public Pooling

August 2016
Board Acts to Increase Data Breach Coverage; MMRMA Fondly Remembers Jack LaBelle; Fall Training Preview; Autism Training Highlights

June 2016
New Guidelines Announced for RAP, CAP Grants; Prompt Reporting of Claims Benefits Members; Annual Meeting Sneak Peek; Narcan Model Policy

April 2016
Workshop Speakers Share Insights on Managing Change, Risk; MMRMA Adds Optional Drone Coverage Effective July 1; Best Practices Update

February 2016
National Speakers Join MMRMA Experts at March Workshop; Committee Participation Helps Membership; Tactical Encounters Training Moves to State-of-the-Art Venue

December 2015
Reflections from Retiring Director of Claims Michael Ellis; Executive Director Mike Rhyner Reviews Succession Planning; Highlights of MMRMA Training

October 2015
Mike Rhyner Highlights the Benefits of Public Entity Pools; Annual Meeting Presentations Strengthen Attendees' Knowledge, Skills; Update on What Constitutes a Medical Control Authority in MI

August 2015
MCCRMA Celebrates 30 Years; Court Ruling on Privacy in Pocket-Dial Case; Risk Control Consultants Work Closely With Members and Share Best Practices

June 2015
2015 Annual Meeting preview; Profile of Director of Risk Management Paul Mongiello; State Pool Loss Fund Distribution

April 2015
MMRMA Board Adds Two Advisory Committees for Jails and Health Facilities; Risk Management Workshop Recap

February 2015
Risk Management Workshop Preview; Coming Changes to FOIA; Best Practices Reviews

December 2014
Risk Exposures Relating to Today's Multifunctional Copiers; RAP Gets Enhancements; Excellent 2014 Performance Leads to Reduction in Reserves

October 2014
Annual Meeting Presenters Teach the Art of Creativity, Mastering Change; GVWR and Emergency Vehicle Safety; Board Strategic Planning Update

August 2014
Value of MMRMA Committees; Profile of Board Member Fabian Knizacky; RAP Update

June 2014
Annual Meeting Preview; Benefits of Events and Other Member Services; Proposed Changes to FOIA & OMA

April 2014
Cyber Crime Expert Reveals Common Pitfalls, Protections; Other Highlights from Risk Management Workshop; MMRMA Benefits a New Generation of Leaders; How Municipal Bankruptcy Affects Insurers

February 2014
Remembering Jim Scharret; MMRMA Expands Autism Awareness Training, Resources; Recent Data Breaches Highlight Importance of New Coverage

December 2013
Michigan's Court of Claims Reformed with Lightning Speed; Van Doren Receives Community Service Award from Eaton County Parks Commission.

October 2013
Annual Meeting Speakers: Use Creativity to Thrive in Changing Times; MMRMA Board Embraces Visionary Thinking

August 2013
Michigan Supreme Court Shifts on Whistleblower Claims; When the Media Arrives, Will You Be Ready?

June 2013
MMRMA Adds Data Breach and Privacy Liability Coverage; Communities Must Plan for Early Response to Natural Disasters

April 2013
Internal Controls Essential to Managing Municipal Risk; Understanding the Law Surrounding "Garrity Rights"

February 2013
Courts Hard to Predict on Notice Requirements in Pothole Claims; New MMRMA Training Gives Insights into Autism Spectrum Disorder

December 2012
Ordinances Requiring Minors to Submit to Preliminary Breath Tests Without Warrant No Longer Legal; Quarterly Reports Go Electronic

October 2012
Annual Meeting Presenters Discuss the Value of Positivity, Ethics; Videos of Police Actions Provide Benefits, Pose New Risks

August 2012
Jenny Emery Named New AGRiP Executive Director; TASER Use Case Raises Qualified Immunity Questions

June 2012
Legislature Restores "Two Inch" Rule for Sidewalk Claims

April 2012
Nominations Sought for First Annual Member Recognition Award

February 2012
911 Training Helps Reduce Emergency Response Risks

December 2011
Friendly Florence Nagy Aces "Friendly Fire" Seminar

October 2011
2011 Annual Meeting Delivers a Powerful Message of Health, Hope

August 2011
Annual Meeting To Feature Spirited Western Theme

June 2011
MMRMA Sponsors Training for Tactical Encounters

April 2011
Workshop Session Answers: Why the MMRMA Solution?

February 2011
MMRMA Named Detroit CPCU Chapter's Company of the Year

December 2010
MMRMA: Here When You Need Us The Most

October 2010
Net Asset Policy Provides Key Member Benefits

August 2010
Michigan Lawmakers Ban Texting While Driving

June 2010
Michigan Tests Limits of Marijuana for Medical Use

April 2010
Appelate Court: Private E-Mail May Not be Public Record

February 2010
"LoJack for Laptops" Pilot Protects Digital Resources

December 2009
Protecting Municipalities from Potential Pandemic

October 2009
Shared Public Services Approach Brings Risks, Rewards

August 2009
Risk Compensation: Safety Measures Can Have Mixed Outcomes

June 2009
Understanding the New Medicare Reporting Requirements

April 2009
Training and Communications are Paramount to MMRMA's Success

February 2009
Resources for Reducing Vehicle Claim costs

December 2008
The Benefits of Cost Recovery Plans

August 2008

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