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MMRMA Announces $1.5 Million Distribution from State Pool Retention Fund
Board declares distribution based on recommendation from the State Pool Committee.

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Board Approves $34.5 Million Distribution

Posted: Friday, February 28, 2014


At its February 20th meeting, MMRMA’s Board of Directors acted to declare a $34,535,390 distribution of excess net assets to current renewing MMRMA Individual and State Pool Members. The Board also approved the 2014 Net Asset Policy Report, including the results of the most recent capital adequacy analysis, which determines the necessary net assets needed. This will be our eighth distribution of excess net assets to current renewing Individual and State Pool members. With this distribution, MMRMA has distributed to almost $150,000,000 to its renewing members since 2006. The following table shows a history of these distributions:


This distribution is the largest component of an over $38,000,000 deployment of excess net assets for benefit of our membership this year. The other uses of excess net assets include:

  • Michigan Vehicle Assessments - Net assets are used to pay the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) and Michigan Assigned Claims Plan vehicle assessments for members. It is estimated that we will pay more than $2,400,000 in assessments on behalf of the membership this year.
  • Risk Avoidance Program (RAP) Grants - The use of net assets to fund RAP grants was increased from $750,000 to $1,000,000. The additional resources will be used to develop and implement a program to assist members in applying for and receiving certifications for best practices in the industry. RAP Grants are awarded through MMRMA’s Membership Committee.
  • Data Breach Coverage - In July 2013, MMRMA provided Data Breach Coverage to all Individual and State Pool Members. This coverage will continue to be supported with net assets.
  • No Fault Automobile Coverage - Net assets are used to provide members with enhanced no fault automobile coverage. With Michigan having one of the most costly no fault statutes in the nation, this is a significant benefit.
  • Coverage for Volunteers - Net assets are used to underwrite liability coverage for volunteers.

Once again, this is very good news for members and, based on the distribution rules adopted by the Board, most members will receive their share of this distribution following their membership renewal.

MMRMA’s ability to provide these benefits to its members is a direct reflection of strong performance results over a sustained period of time. Many factors contributed to these favorable results, including better than expected loss trends in recent years, member responsiveness to risk control recommendations, good management practices by members that resulted in fewer losses, and, most importantly, outstanding investment results through June 30, 2013. However, the primary factor that allows MMRMA to deploy excess net assets is the long-term commitment that members have made to MMRMA. Without your loyalty and ongoing support of this fine organization, these benefits would not be possible. Thank you.

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