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01.09.19 Sexual Harassment Active Bystander Training

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Call for Letters of Interest: Membership Committee Vacancy

Posted: Monday, November 10, 2014

There is a vacancy on the MMRMA Membership Committee due to the departure of Nicole Frost from Dickinson County.

MMRMA Board Chair Michael Bosanac requests that letters of interest in filling the vacancies be mailed to him in care of MMRMA, 14001 Merriman, Livonia, MI 48154, Attention: Michael Rhyner. Criteria for appointment include previous service to or participation with MMRMA, candidate’s length of service with the MMRMA entity he/she represents, and the member entity’s longevity with MMRMA. Letters of interest should address each of these considerations. Letters must be received no later than January 31, 2015.

The Membership Committee consists of seven members appointed by the Board Chair. Committee members must be officers of MMRMA members as defined in the Joint Powers Agreement. The committee assists the Board and Executive Director in matters related to member relations and services. The committee takes a proactive role in the implementation of key membership service and membership development programs, including the Risk Avoidance Program (RAP). Typical duties include, but are not limited to:

  1. Reviewing and analyzing exposure and loss information and providing assistance to the staff in targeting risk control services.
  2. Developing rules, procedures, and criteria for awarding grants to members under the Risk Avoidance Program (RAP).
  3. Determining the eligible activities and projects for RAP funding and establishing cost-sharing formulas.
  4. Evaluating and approving or denying RAP grant applications from members.
  5. Monitoring membership development activity, including new and/or departing member information.
  6. Recommending new membership services and programs to the Board and Executive Director.

The Membership Committee meets quarterly. One meeting is held in conjunction with the MMRMA Annual Meeting in August at the Grand Traverse Resort and another at the March Risk Management Workshop in Lansing. The two remaining meetings are held in May and November at dates and locations selected by the committee in conjunction with the State Pool Committee. MMRMA reimburses committee members for reasonable travel expenses plus a $90 per diem meeting allowance.

If you have any questions concerning the vacancy or the appointment process, please contact Michael Rhyner at 734-513-0300 or

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MMRMA has been a leader in municipal risk since 1980 and remains committed to meeting the ever-expanding challenges faced by its membership. MMRMA's risk control services are designed to help its members identify, prevent, and mitigate losses through on-site surveys, training, and other services. MMRMA also provides its members with premier claims and legal services, sound financial management, and essential news on the latest developments in public risk management.


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