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MMRMA Announces RAP/CAP Grant Updates, New Forms Effective July 1, 2019
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Smooth Transitions Help Employees and Organizations Thrive; MMRMA Announces RAP/CAP Updates, New Application Forms; Annual Meeting Preview.

How Do You Eat an Oreo?

Posted: Thursday, April 9, 2015

There are two ways to manage MMRMA's annual revisions to the Coverage Documents. Please read below to find out what we recommend.

As anyone who has eaten an Oreo knows, there are two ways to eat one, both equally good. Similarly, there are two ways to handle the new updated pages for MMRMA’s Coverage Documents.

Several years ago, we switched our Coverage Document format from a stitched booklet to a three-ring binder. Since then, we have tweaked the document by minor alterations in the wording each year. Once the MMRMA Board approves the given year’s changes, the staff prints up new pages for distribution.

This is where the divergence occurs. Some members pull the old pages out and replace them with the updated pages, then throw the outdated pages away. While this does keep the book current, it may create confusion when dealing with older claims. Each claim is administered based on the coverage in place at the “Date of Loss.” This means the date that the event took place or the accident happened.

The “Date of Loss” defines the coverage terms in place for that specific claim. So if you receive a lawsuit today that is based on events that took place two years ago, you need to look at the coverage in place two years ago, not the coverage in place today.

In order to be able to read the coverage in place from two years ago, members will need to keep the old pages of the Coverage Document.

Therefore, we recommend that members keep all previous pages and store them in the back (or front) of the three-ring binder. The complete Coverage Document versions for each effective date, as well as PDFs with only the revised pages for each effective date, are also available in the Members Only section of the website under Governance Manual – Appendices.

If you have any questions about the Coverage Document or this procedure, please contact your Regional Risk Manager or the MMRMA Underwriting staff.

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