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Risk Control Bulletins: Active Assailant Guidelines; Workplace Safety Audits; Contingency Planning for Key Equipment; Protecting Pipes From Freezing & Bursting

Posted: Friday, August 3, 2018

Pre-Active & Active Assailant Guidelines

Active assailant situations have become all too familiar in today's society. For most of us, these actions are difficult to fathom. Even so, businesses, schools, office operations, retail complexes, entertainment events, and other venues have experienced active shooter events in recent years.

Pre-planning and practicing established procedures can help eliminate and/or minimize the effects of an active assailant event in your locations. Public Safety organizations (law enforcement, fire/rescue, EMS, etc.) are focusing heavily on how to best handle and mitigate the outcomes of active assailant situations.

MMRMA provides several resources and training opportunities relating to these events; this bulletin is intended as a brief overview. Along with our other materials and training, its contents could help MMRMA member entities as they prepare to minimize the risk of active assailant incidents.

Go here to view and print:

MMRMA Risk Control Bulletin - Pre-Active & Active Assailant Guidelines

Workplace Safety Audits

While it is important for an organization to establish safety controls, it is unrealistic to expect them to function flawlessly and indefinitely. To ensure that hazards do not “slip” out of control, and to continuously improve safety performance, conduct ongoing evaluations to determine if control processes remain in place and functioning effectively. Safety audits, safety inspections, and safety observations are proactive, preventive measures to help ensure that hazards remain controlled. Together they provide opportunities for continuous improvement of your safety program.

MMRMA has a Risk Control Bulletin to help your team distinguish between these three safety-related activities and to conduct each of them efficiently and effectively.

Go here to view and print the bulletin. Contact our Risk Control team if you have questions or need assistance.

Contingency Planning for Key Equipment

MMRMA also has a bulletin with suggestions for creating a response plan for key equipment in case of interruptions or breakdowns. Please go here to view and print:

MMRMA Risk Control Bulletin - Contingency Planning for Key Equipment

All of these documents and other MMRMA bulletins are also available in the Members Only section of the website in the Risk Management Tools: Bulletins folder.

Please contact MMRMA's Risk Control Consultant team if you have questions or need additional assistance.

Winter Management of Pipes

It's not too soon to plan ahead. If you have ever experienced water pipes freezing and/or bursting during frigid Michigan winter weather, you know all too well the consequences of this leading cause of property damage.  MMRMA has two Risk Control Bulletins on preventing and mitigating the risks relating to pipes that could freeze, thaw, and burst in winter weather. The bulletins are intended to augment your existing risk management program for preventing and reducing risks associated with frozen pipes.

Go here to view and print:

MMRMA Risk Control Bulletin - Tips for Avoiding Freezing and Bursting Pipes

MMRMA Risk Control Bulletin - Tips for Safely Thawing Frozen Pipes

The December 2017 Risk Journal also features a companion article on avoiding and managing frozen pipes.

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