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Upcoming Meetings
03.09.21 Technology & Cyber Security Advisory Committee Meeting
03.18.21 Administrative Advisory Committee Meeting
03.23.21 DPS Advisory Committee Meeting
05.11.21 Technology & Cyber Security Advisory Committee Meeting
06.10.21 Administrative Advisory Committee Meeting
06.15.21 DPS Advisory Committee Meeting

Featured Training
01.27.21 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Workshop
02.02.21 Drone Series: Policies and Procedures for a Successful Drone Program
02.03.21 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for Law Enforcement
02.10.21 Open Meetings Act (OMA) Workshop
02.16.21 Drone Series: Which drone is right for me and my operation?
03.02.21 Drone Series: The National Airspace System - What it is and how you can operate in it.
03.16.21 Drone Series: Drone Registration - Who needs to register and why.
03.30.21 Drone Series: Why so many rules to fly a drone?
04.06.21 Drone Series: Navigating FAA Part 107 Waivers
04.27.21 Drone Series: Michigan Unmanned Aircraft Systems Act 436 of 2016
05.11.21 Drone Series: Why do I need a pilot's license to fly a drone?

What's New/Hot Topic From MMRMA to You
Board Approves $23.1 Million Distribution
The Board of Directors declares distribution of excess net assets to current renewing MMRMA members.

2020 "MMRMA: 40 Years of Innovative Leadership"
We mark this ruby anniversary with a retrospective on key milestones from each of our four decades, examining both their origins and their enduring impact on the organization today. We also reflect on 2020, a year like no other, and what it meant for MMRMA and our members. Thanks to all our members for your loyalty, commitment, and contributions to the ongoing success of MMRMA.

December 2020 Risk Journal
A new series on cyber risk management kicks off with an article on safe, sensible password security measures. Plus a look at disinfection equipment to help with the pandemic.

1/22/21 - Board Approves $23.1 Million Distribution
The Board of Directors declares distribution of excess net assets to current renewing MMRMA members.
12/10/20 - Notice of Board Vacancy: Call for Letters of Interest
Vacancy is for an Individual Member At-Large Seat. Deadline to submit letters of interest is January 29, 2021.
12/7/20 - Call for Letters of Interest: State Pool Committee Vacancy
Please submit letters of interest by Monday, February 1, 2021.
11/17/20 - MMRMA Publishes Guidelines on Critical Incident Debriefing Process
The Fire and EMS and Law Enforcement Risk Control Advisory Committees helped update this resource for members.
10/29/20 - MMRMA Publishes 2020 Update to Social Security Number Privacy Resource
The Administrative Risk Control Advisory Committee helped prepare the latest version of this helpful document for members.
10/28/20 - Now Available: 65 Model Corrections Policy Documents for Member Adaptation and Use
These resources are aimed to assist member jails in safely and effectively managing operations and reducing risks in their facilities.
10/26/20 - MMRMA Updates Resource on Risk Management of Fats, Oils, and Grease to Avoid Sewer Backups
The Public Services Risk Control Advisory Committee helped update this document, which aims to help members reduce risks from sewer backups due to buildup of fats, oils, and grease.
10/21/20 - MMRMA Publishes Three Risk Control Bulletins on Facility Assessments to Reduce Property Risk
The Facilities Management Risk Control Advisory Committee helped prepare these valuable resources for members to help inspect facilities and reduce risk exposures.
8/25/20 - MMRMA Updates Water/Beach Safety, Community Property Rental/Use Resources
Documents aim to help member parks and recreation departments manage risk.
6/23/20 - MMRMA Publishes Updated FOIA Coordinator Handbook
The updated document includes references to Public Act 36 of 2020 and Public Act 38 of 2020.
6/18/20 - Announcement: MMRMA Cancels 2020 Annual Meeting
Planning efforts pivot to an extra special Annual Meeting in 2021 and other events and resources to benefit the membership.
6/17/20 - Reserve the Dates: MMRMA Events for 2021 and Beyond
As you plan ahead, save these MMRMA event dates in your calendar to make sure you don't miss out.
6/15/20 - In Memoriam: Former Claims Adjuster Louise Duchesneau
MMRMA remembers Louise fondly and extends condolences to her family in their time of mourning.
6/1/20 - In Memoriam: Remembering Gerald Buckless, 1929-2020
Buckless was a longtime MMRMA Board member and supporter of the organization. Please join us in remembering him and wishing his family well in this sad time.
2/25/20 - MMRMA Publishes 2020 Update to Sidewalk Liability Risk Avoidance Brochure
The updated resource can help members reduce risks and effectively manage sidewalk maintenance, inspections, and policies/procedures.
2/11/20 - MMRMA Publishes Updated Safety Guidelines for Winter Activities
The updated resource can help members protect citizens and reduce risks when managing winter recreational activities.
2/10/20 - MMRMA Announces New Senior Claims Adjuster
Please help us welcome William Kelley to MMRMA.
1/24/20 - Board Approves $33.6 Million Distribution
The Board of Directors declares distribution of excess net assets to current renewing MMRMA members.
1/7/20 - In Memoriam: Former MMRMA Executive Director Rufus Nye
Nye was the first Executive Director, serving MMRMA from 1987-2001.
1/3/20 - MMRMA Announces Addition of Three New Employees
Please help us welcome Liz Droppers, Narrinder Phalore, and Brittney Childress to MMRMA.
8/6/19 - MMRMA Publishes Updated 2019 Risk Transfer Manual
Log in and go to the Members Only page to download the latest version.
5/31/19 - MMRMA Announces RAP/CAP Grant Updates, New Forms Effective July 1, 2019
Please click for more information on the revisions and contact Membership Services if you need assistance.
1/7/19 - MMRMA Updates Model Policy Document on Surface Ice/Frigid Water Rescue
As temperatures fluctuate and Michiganders pursue winter activities, this document offers important guidelines and procedures for water rescue in dangerous conditions.

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MMRMA has been a leader in municipal risk since 1980 and remains committed to meeting the ever-expanding challenges faced by its membership. MMRMA's risk control services are designed to help its members identify, prevent, and mitigate losses through on-site surveys, training, and other services. MMRMA also provides its members with premier claims and legal services, sound financial management, and essential news on the latest developments in public risk management.


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