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MMRMA Publishes Cyber Incident Response Plan, Other Resources for Members

Posted: Friday, November 8, 2019

The Technology and Cyber Security Risk Control Advisory Committee prepared these resources to help members mitigate and respond to cyber threats. Please share with your information technology personnel to assist them in their efforts to protect your organizations.

Cyber Incident Response Plan

Local governments in the United States have experienced an increase in cyber attacks over the years. Not only have security-related threats increased in frequency and diversity, the resulting impact of each successful attack has been amplified to unprecedented levels.

Every organization needs to have a codified prevention and response plan.  Without a plan an incident is more likely to occur, less likely to be discovered in a timely fashion and, without formal, planned mitigation efforts, the severity (both the impact to service ability and cost) of the plan is likely to increase substantially. 

Integrating Physical and Cyber Security

The purpose of this resource is to help member public entities conduct pre-assessments of facilities and operations to reduce the likelihood, and potential severity, of a security incident. Said incident(s) could be either physical, virtual, or a combination of both in nature. Consider the integration of physical security with technological/cyber security manifestations as a larger strategy.

Proactive Email Monitoring

Email is a critical component of most entities’ business operations and is arguably the most-used application on computing devices. It is also a potentially vulnerable exposure for cyber incidents. Fortunately, there are steps organizations can take to address these risks, and this resource will help members in conducting this process.

Cybersecurity Framework Checklist

The committee developed a cybersecurity framework checklist to assist members in managing risks with regard to cyber security. This framework is intended to outline best practices, and it is as current as possible at the time of publication. Please note that cyber risk is an ever-changing area of exposure that requires real-time monitoring and frequent updating.

To access all four:

Member employees with an user account can log in and retrieve these documents on the Members Only page under Risk Management Tools in the Risk Control Bulletins subfolder. If members need assistance finding this folder, or would like to request a login, please contact Tamara Christie, Communications Manager, at

If you have questions about this document or need further risk control assistance, please contact MMRMA's Membership Services department.

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