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MMRMA Publishes Three Risk Control Bulletins on Facility Assessments to Reduce Property Risk

Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Facilities Management Risk Control Advisory Committee recommends that MMRMA members conduct facility assessments and inspections to help mitigate and respond to property risks, which have the potential to be damaging and costly.

To assist in this process, MMRMA has published three Risk Control Bulletins for members:

Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) is used to develop a comprehensive picture of facilities’ design, construction methods, and materials. An FCA program includes assessing the physical conditions and functional performance of buildings and infrastructure, analyzing collected data and observations, and reporting on the findings.  Performing FCA inspections can help organizations reduce risks associated with disrepair and other maintenance issues.

Facility Fire Inspection Program

MMRMA members have experienced losses related to fires, which can cause extensive property damage and business interruption. Facility Fire Inspection Program (FFIP) is a comprehensive approach to onsite fire inspection for buildings and structures.  It is also a fire ratings classification system assessing the potential for risk of fire based on the design, construction, and building materials of an entity’s facilities, and including occupancy and surrounding properties.  These factors, (design and materials, etc.), will impact the fire ratings risk classification. An FFIP includes analyzing the results of information collected and observations made; it is used to develop a report for your community. 

Participating in an FFIP could help augment members’ risk control efforts and reduce the potential for loss.

Facility Infrared Inspections

Every organization needs to have an industry standard Electrical Preventive Maintenance (EPM) program. Without an EPM, an incident is more likely to occur and less likely to be discovered in a timely fashion. Without formal, planned mitigation efforts, the severity of such a loss – in terms of both costs and the member’s ability to provide services – is likely to increase substantially. An EPM can help member public entities conduct pre-assessments of facilities and operations to reduce the likelihood, and potential severity, of a fire-related incident.

Infrared electrical inspection should be an integral part of any electrical preventive maintenance (EPM) program. This type of inspection can help save money by verifying equipment is operating at peak efficiency and reducing costly downtime in the event of electrical system failure. It also can help save the costs associated with the damage that a fire may cause if an electrical system overheats or fails catastrophically. This inexpensive inspection program has evolved into a valuable preventive maintenance tool.

To access all three Risk Control Bulletins:

Member employees with an user account can log in and retrieve these documents on the Members Only page under Risk Management Tools in the Risk Control Bulletins subfolder. If members need assistance finding this folder, or would like to request a login, please contact Tamara Christie, Communications Manager, at

If you have questions about this document or need further risk control assistance, please contact MMRMA’s Membership Services department.

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