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2020-2021 Standard Grant and CAP Grant Application Form EFFECTIVE 7-1-2019

2020-2021 New Project Grant Application Form EFFECTIVE 7-1-2019

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Featured Training
01.27.21 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Workshop
02.02.21 Drone Series: Policies and Procedures for a Successful Drone Program
02.03.21 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for Law Enforcement
02.10.21 Open Meetings Act (OMA) Workshop
02.16.21 Drone Series: Which drone is right for me and my operation?
03.02.21 Drone Series: The National Airspace System - What it is and how you can operate in it.
03.16.21 Drone Series: Drone Registration - Who needs to register and why.
03.30.21 Drone Series: Why so many rules to fly a drone?
04.06.21 Drone Series: Navigating FAA Part 107 Waivers
04.27.21 Drone Series: Michigan Unmanned Aircraft Systems Act 436 of 2016
05.11.21 Drone Series: Why do I need a pilot's license to fly a drone?

In order to benefit from MMRMA's cutting edge risk control services, including on-site inspections, you must be an MMRMA member. These other benefits are also provided at no charge to members:
  • Surveys
  • Review of policies and procedures
  • Employee training
  • Educational materials
  • Individualized assistance for specific risk exposures
Click here to request information about MMRMA membership. Or, if you're already a member, contact Risk Management to request a visit.

Michigan Municipal Risk
Management Authority

14001 Merriman Road
Livonia, MI 48154

MMRMA has been a leader in municipal risk since 1980 and remains committed to meeting the ever-expanding challenges faced by its membership. MMRMA's risk control services are designed to help its members identify, prevent, and mitigate losses through on-site surveys, training, and other services. MMRMA also provides its members with premier claims and legal services, sound financial management, and essential news on the latest developments in public risk management.


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