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Basic Patrol Rifle School

This course is designed to teach officers the operational fundamentals and the responsibilities of deploying with a patrol rifle. Officers will be trained in nomenclature, care, shooting positions, marksmanship, and malfunction drills. In addition, officers will also be exposed to reality-based training scenarios which are designed to test the skills they have learned in order to deploy their patrol rifles.

The officers will actually use their own rifles for these force-on-force drills. Their rifles will have the firing bolts removed and training bolts inserted; training bolts are only capable of firing training munitions. This allows officers to participate in the scenarios with their actual weapons firing only training munitions.

This course is designed to expose and prepare officers with the basic skills needed to become proficient with patrol rifle resources. 

For Members In: Law Enforcement

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Corrections Legal Update

Correctional law updates covering topics to include use of force, deliberate indifference, employment issues, and custodial search and seizure.

Presented by: Haider Kazim of Cummings, McClorey, Davis and Acho, PLC

For Members In: Corrections

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Corrections Supervision Training

Corrections Supervision Training for Jail Supervisory Personnel

Topics Presented: correctional law update; labor law, risk avoidance, inmate behavior management; staff supervision; leadership, inmate manipulation; emerging trends in corrections.

For Members In: Corrections

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Emergency Vehicle Operator Refresher Course

This eight-hour course instructed by Wayne County Regional staff members is designed to be a refresher/remedial course for officers in the operation of police vehicles. Officers will have two hours of classroom instruction and the remaining six hours on the driving range. Attending officers should have completed a basic driving program. 

A maximum of three department attendees (plus one instructor) will be in a single police vehicle. Please send the attendees with the appropriate number of police vehicles to accommodate this requirement.

For Members In: Law Enforcement

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Emerging Legal Trends & Liability Management for SWAT & Emergency Response Operations

The program takes a three-tier approach. First, participants will be presented with the legal cases that impact tactical operations and, ultimately, liability. Second, participants will be presented with policy issues that may be considered. Finally, the training addresses practical implementation of legal and policy issues in a manner that does not compromise tactical operations or officer safety.

The course is unique in that it takes a practical approach to legal principles impacting tactical operations and provides a road map to operational implementation of the legal principles without hindering operations or compromising officer safety.

Upon completion, participants will have knowledge in the following areas: agency, supervisor, and other potential liability relating to law enforcement operations, training, and tactical operations; policy development; candidate selection and training; implications of the failure to plan; issues relating to use of force tactics; and special considerations for situations such as: emotionally disturbed persons, suicide by cop, hostage incidents, high risk warrant service/no knock warrants, and regional tactical units. 

For Members In: Law Enforcement

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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Open Meetings Act (OMA) Workshop

MMRMA presents a special one-day seminar on the Freedom of Information Act  and Open Meetings Act. The seminar will provide clear and concise procedural guidelines as contained within the MMRMA FOIA Coordinator Handbook and Open Meetings Act Handbook, both of which will be provided to each participant.

The purpose of the FOIA and OMA acts are to promote government openness and accountability, as well as to ensure greater public access and input into the governing process. This seminar will provide guidelines for how public entities are to conduct their business, not only in meetings open to the public, but also relating to citizen's rights to access and request disclosure of public records and documents.

For Members In: Law Enforcement , Corrections , Administration , Fire & EMS , 911 & Telecommunications , Parks & Recreation , Public Services

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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for Law Enforcement

This training is specific to Law Enforcement FOIA requests and will address video, text messages, email, UD-10 redactions, and other items unique to law enforcement.

Instructor: Lori Hinkley, Michigan State Police FOIA Coordinator

For Members In: Law Enforcement

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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Workshop

This workshop is designed for MMRMA member employees involved in Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.  The training will provide a guide for FOIA coordinators and other employees who have the responsibility of handling public information inquiries. 

Training topics will include:

  • Overview of revised FOIA Coordinator Handbook (supplied to each workshop participant)
  • FOIA request basics
  • Response basics
  • Rights of the requester
  • Fees
  • Time to respond
  • Individual exemptions
  • Pertinent cases

For Members In: Law Enforcement , Administration , Fire & EMS , 911 & Telecommunications , Parks & Recreation , Public Services

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Inmate Manipulation Training

Many inmates attempt to manipulate both enlisted and civilian jail personnel. Everyone who interacts with inmates is susceptible to manipulation. This manipulation is not always obvious; it is often very subtle.

This session involves class participation and is intended to help jail personnel identify and deal with such attempts at manipulation by inmates.

For Members In: Law Enforcement , Corrections

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Managing a Mental Health Crisis

This course is designed to provide participants with a better understanding of mental illness as it relates to law enforcement. Managing a Mental Health Crisis is a culmination of knowledge and skills developed by law enforcement and mental health professionals with the intention of promoting effective and high quality responses to mental health related incidents.

This course is designed as a "Train-the-Trainer" course that will allow participants to train other law enforcement professionals in their communities. This training is specifically designed for law enforcement and mental health professionals to train as a team and develop skills in which to train coworkers and members of other departments.

  • Designed specifically for Michigan
  • Allows all officers to be trained
  • Provides greater operational tools than many other training programs
  • Endorsed by the State of Michigan's Mental Health Diversion Council
  • MCOLES approved and meets with with MCOLES recommended annual officer trainings

For Members In: Law Enforcement , Corrections , Administration

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Michigan Autism Safety Training (MAST)

Michigan Autism Safety Training (MAST) - For all municipal employees, especially for personnel in police, fire, and EMS services.

Municipal Employees and Emergency Responder Personnel Will:

  • Expand their knowledge of autism and autistic behaviors.
  • Increase their recognition skills of persons with autism.
  • Acquire information and tips on how to effectively interact with individuals with autism and their families and care providers.
  • Learn community outreach strategies that will increase support and safety of those with autism.

For Members In: Law Enforcement , Administration , Fire & EMS , Parks & Recreation , Public Services

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Public Labor Law and Effective Grievance Processing for Supervisors

Public Labor Law and Effective Grievance Processing for Supervisors (formerly titled "Controlling Through Effective Discipline and Effective Grievance Processing") covers the essential elements of effective employee discipline.  It will begin with a history and overview of employment principles, including the rights and obligations of both employer and employee.  Attendees will discover the importance of establishing work policies and disciplinary procedures, documenting disciplinary action, and determining appropriate corrective disciplinary measures.

A significant portion of the course will focus on the specific requirements and considerations when dealing with discipline of contracted employees. Attendees will learn what a grievance is, as well as procedures for processing, arbitrating, and settling grievances.

For Members In: Law Enforcement , Corrections , Administration , Fire & EMS , 911 & Telecommunications , Parks & Recreation , Public Services

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Rapid Deployment to Active Shooter

This two-day course is designed to give officers the basic knowledge necessary to deal with a rapid deployment situation (active shooter). The tactics used in this course are more advanced than the traditional diamond or quad formations currently taught.

The tactics provide officers with a practical, systematic approach that affords maximum security while moving through a hostile environment. Officers will also learn tactics and practical extraction techniques for injured persons. The course will review a history of active shooter incidents, incident commonalities, terminology and definitions, protocol and tactical techniques. Students will learn through a minimum amount of lecture and a significant amount of actual demonstrations, practical exercises, and reality-based training scenarios utilizing force-on-force simmunition applications.

Officers from the Livonia Police Department, led by Captain Ron Taig and Sergeant Dan Danaher, will provide the instruction for this course.

After registering, officers will receive a confirmation letter and list of equipment they will need to bring with them.

For Members In: Law Enforcement

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Rescue Task Force (RTF) Training

This two-day training program for Fire/EMS personnel is designed to better align the efforts of our Fire/EMS personnel with our law enforcement officers who are first responders to these types of incidents.

This training will be comprised of two separate components. The first component is known as Tactical Casualty Care, or TCC. This encompasses training Fire/EMS personnel to:

  • Conduct rapid patient assessment and perform emergency medical interventions
  • Demonstrate skills proficiencies on the application of tourniquets, hemostatic agents, and pressure bandages
  • Apply occlusive dressings to penetrating chest wounds and properly control a patient's airway

The second component involves training Fire/EMS personnel regarding how they will be deployed and how they will operate with law enforcement personnel as an integral component of a rescue group during a tactical deployment.

Both components will provide Fire/EMS personnel with reality based training components. 

For Members In: Fire & EMS

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Risk Management of Special Events

Please join MMRMA's presenters -- Risk Control Consultant Terry Van Doren and Regional Risk Manager Tim McClorey -- for this timely discussion on the Risk Management of Special Events.

Special events can range from a one-day Easter egg hunt to a week-long festival with many different attractions. Because special events come in many different shapes and sizes, each has its own unique characteristics that will dictate your approach in planning and conducting the event. Topics covered in this session will include:

  • Identifying risk exposure hazard levels and associated concerns
  • Designing and implementing pre-planning checklists and procedures
  • Assigning and managing a special events coordinator and/or committee
  • Determining insurance requirements
  • Choosing the appropriate risk transfer techniques
  • Applying effective post-event follow-up

Resources and sample forms will be provided.

Get a jumpstart on your special event by attending this MMRMA-sponsored training. 

For Members In: Administration , Parks & Recreation , Public Services

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Sewer Backups & P.A. 222: Notice Requirements, Time Limits, and Guidance for Events of All Sizes

In 2001, P.A. 222 was enacted clarifying municipal liability for sewer backups. At the time, the Michigan Governmental Immunity Statute was amended to limit liability of governmental agencies with regard to sewer backups. MMRMA and the DPS Risk Control Advisory Committee are hosting a training update on this important statute. Presentations will be made by Tim Ferrand of Cummings, McClorey, Davis & Acho; and Anne McLaughlin of Rosati, Schultz, Joppich and Amtsbuechler. Training will cover:

  • Addressing a single or run-of-the-mill sewer backup claim - notice requirements, investigation of the incident, and what is and is not a sewage disposal system event under PA 222.
  • Managing a large-scale sewage disposal event - political, public relations, and legal ramifications of a catastrophic loss.

For Members In: Administration , Public Services

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Sexual Harassment Active Bystander Training

Harassment claims - including sexual harassment and discrimination - continue to garner unwanted media attention and result in resignations, litigations, and court settlements. This behavior has a negative impact on employers and employees. MMRMA encourages employee training to help prevent members from experiencing this type of conduct. Active Bystander Training seeks to prevent unwanted and unlawful conduct between and among all personnel, from the employee to the CEO. This strategic training guides participants to ACT in a way that demonstrates and voices disapproval of sexual misconduct they may see or hear. Employees will learn to recognize inappropriate workplace behavior and understand that this behavior is illegal, demeaning and won't be tolerated. This course is designed for employees in all positions within an organization.

For Members In: Law Enforcement , Corrections , Administration , Fire & EMS , 911 & Telecommunications , Parks & Recreation , Public Services

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Sexual Harassment Training for Managers and Supervisors

In 2015, the EEOC received over 6,800 reports of sexual harassment, with settlements reaching $46 million. Administrative discrimination charges and lawsuits are rising, accompanied by an increase in settlement and judicial awards. Learn how to minimize risk to your entity's reputation, protect yourself from claims of sexual harassment, and understand the legal responsibilities of managers and supervisors to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. This training will help you develop and enforce sound sexual harassment policies and cultivate a culture in which every employee may work in an environment free from sexual harassment.

For Members In: Law Enforcement , Corrections , Administration , Fire & EMS , 911 & Telecommunications , Parks & Recreation , Public Services

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Tactical Encounters for Patrol Officers

Tactical Encounters for Patrol Officers is a reality-based, live-fire, and simmunitions training that covers both classroom and actual field training scenarios.  Firearms skills, mental mindset, patrol tactics, and building searches are covered in depth.  Proficiency is then field tested using multiple reality-based training scenarios and practical exercises.  Each session is a three-day training course.

Skilled instructors with experience in Special Response and Officer Survival, led by Captain Ron Taig (Livonia Police Department), will conduct this training.

After registration has been completed, attendees will receive a detailed list of equipment they will need to bring with them.

For Members In: Law Enforcement

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Temporary Traffic Control Training

Training will cover Temporary Traffic Control (TTC), traffic regulator awareness, and worksite safety based on the 2011 Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MMUTCD) Part 6, the 2010 Michigan Traffic Regulator Instructional Manual, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Maintenance Work Zone Traffic Control Guidelines, and applicable MIOSHA standards. The Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MMUTCD) will be issued to attendees for use in class. 

The session will focus on the importance of roadway worker safety in minimizing their vulnerability and risk of personal injury while working on or near the roadway and at the worksite. Training will also include with a safety review of worker fatality statistics, excavations, working around equipment and blind-spots, utility hazards, winter operations, PPE, and seatbelt requirements. 

Training will consist of classroom lecture and group scenarios. Each participant will receive a Traffic Control Plan wallet card. 

For Members In: Public Services

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U.P. Member Forum

Join us for an update on activities MMRMA is conducting to better serve you!

  • Advisory Committtees
  • Digital Member Engagement Project
  • New Resources
  • RAP and CAP Grant Program Update
  • Upcoming Training

Presented by: Cindy King, Director of Membership Services and HR and Cara Ceci, Manager of Risk Management Services

For Members In: Law Enforcement , Corrections , Administration , Fire & EMS , 911 & Telecommunications , Parks & Recreation , Public Services

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Weather Safety Workshop for Large Venues and Outdoor Events

The focus of this workshop will be to help mitigate issues at outdoor events that could potentially arise as a result of severe weather. Topics of discussion include:

  • Risk, Safety and Forecasts
  • Preparing Venues and Large Events for Severe Weather
  • National Weather Service
  • Emergency Preparedness and Management
  • Participant Safety
  • Case Studies 

This workshop is intended for emergency managers, special events planners, and department of public service employees. 

For Members In: Parks & Recreation , Public Services

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Weather Watcher Exercise - CANCELLED

The Weather Watcher program was developed in coordination with the National Weather Service in Chicago and several local emergency management agencies.

This program is designed to provide event organizers and safety personnel the tools necessary to plan and proactively prepare for potential weather impacts BEFORE the threat occurs.

This Weather Watcher Exercise follows the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) and is HSEEP compliant (3.5 hours) and is designed to provide a hands-on approach to increase situational awareness.

Why a Weather Watcher?

Have you ever been responsible for safety of an outdoor event? If so, you have probably had concerns about the weather.

Weather is a key component of any effective outdoor event action plan. A thorough evaluation of weather hazards and continuous monitoring of evolving hazards can lead to more confident and effective decisions regarding the safety of event-goers. The weather watcher is the person who is designated to maintain situational awareness of the weather both before and during your event and can activate your weather safety plan.

This exercise will outline the functions of the weather watcher, outline a weather evaluation and monitoring process that the weather watcher can follow and provide an overview of key forecast and monitoring products and tools utilized by the weather watcher.

More details about the Weather Watcher program can be found online:

For Members In: Law Enforcement , Administration , Parks & Recreation , Public Services

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Writing Protocols Workshop

The foundation of risk management rests in management's ability to minimize risk and liability exposure.  An integral element of doing so is the writing and implementation of written protocols.

The one-day, interactive workshop will provide the basic foundation needed to write and promulgate policies, procedures, rules, general orders, and special orders.  Attendees may choose to bring in their departments' protocols to review during this seminar.

For Members In: Administration

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